Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1869 - Invincible in the World

Chapter 1869 Invincible in the World

Silver hair that fell to his waist and an easy-going smile that hung on his face.

“It’s you…” Ye Wanwan was surprised.

After a pause, Ye Wanwan exclaimed, “Dugu Qiubai?!”

“Dugu Qiubai?!”

The Fearless Alliance elites’ gazes all landed on the man.

“D*mn, this name…Aren’t your parents too arrogant?!”

“It is a bit arrogant…”

There was actually someone named Dugu Qiubai in this world?! Did they read too many novels and watch too much TV?

The man flushed at their strange looks and hastily waved his hand. “What Dugu Qiubai… Cut it out. That’s my username…It’s a username, not a real name! Anyway, Dugu Qiubai is history; I_ve changed my username!” The silver- haired man quickly corrected her.

“Changed it…?” Ye Wanwan promptly blurted out, “What did you change it to?”

“Invincible in the World,” the silver-haired man answered.

Ye Wanwan:”…”

The Fearless Alliance elites:”…”

“Invincible in the World”? This is more freaking arrogant than Dugu Qiubai, alright?!

Ye Wanwan carefully observed the silver-haired man. She once hit him with her car during her time in China.

However, the car nearly had to be scrapped from the impact, but the silver-haired man was fine, so she thought she’d seen a ghost. After that, this silver-haired man rescued her from the assassins sent by Nie Linglong.

Additionally, this silver-haired man claimed he had a disciple named “Little Worriless”…

Ye Wanwan suspected that this silver-haired man’s disciple was her, Worriless Nie.

The probability was great, but it couldn’t be confirmed before her memories were recovered.

“Chap, how could you do such an immoral, corrupt, disgraceful, and illicit act in broad daylight with the sun bright above us? It’s truly despicable,” the silver-haired man proclaimed as he looked at the thin man.

“…”Ye Wanwan felt there was something strange about his words.

“Chap, I can’t allow you to act in this manner in front of me! If you stubbornly persist in your path and refuse to leave…”—a cold glint flashed through the silver-haired man’s eyes—”then I’ll call the police.”

The Fearless Alliance elites:”…”

Ye Wanwan:Did calling the police require such a grandiose prologue?!

The thin man looked at the silver-haired man with a frown. “It’s you…”

“Fine, it’s a small world, so goodbye for now.” The thin man then turned to leave without a word and disappeared.

The silver-haired man smiled. “Young people nowadays truly can’t endure much fright. I didn’t even bring my phone, but he really thought I’d call the police.”

Ye Wanwan imperceptibly studied the silver-haired man. The thin man absolutely didn’t leave because the silver-haired man wanted to call the police; he seemed to recognize the silver-haired man instead…

Before departing, the thin man uttered: “It’s you…”

Ye Wanwan’s curiosity in the silver-haired man grew. Just who was he? The thin man possessed frightening strength, but the silver-haired man managed to scare the thin man off without any fighting with his identity alone… It was truly unbelievable.

“President, do you still need liquor? I’ll go and buy it…” a Fearless Alliance elite asked as he stood up.

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