Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1865 - Are you awesome because you’re rich?

Chapter 1865 Are you awesome because you’re rich?

Third Elder glanced at First Elder. It appeared this old thing managed to fully learn from the President’s shamelessness. Eleven looked at Ye Wanwan. “Master, your life is so exciting! Let me follow you from now on.”

Eleven imagined that this Independent State must be an unworldly paradise.

“Since Ah-Jiu entrusted the Si family to you, you should stay with the Si family,” Ye Wanwan said after a moment of thought.

The Si family couldn’t be leaderless. As the seventh brother of the Si family, it was most suitable for him to become the patriarch and manage the Si family. That was also Si Yehan’s intention.

Eleven had no argument and could only sigh, nod and agree.

“Ay, I also want to visit the ancient Si clan in the Independent State and see it. Isn’t Old Nine there? Logically speaking, I’m also a member of the Si family, so I’m a descendant of the ancient Si clan as well… Perhaps they’ll see my extraordinary talents when I visit and allow me to stay in the ancient Si clan and train me emphatically!” Eleven said.

Ye Wanwan:Are you serious?

“Shoo shoo, go back and play in your sandbox.” Big Dipper glanced at Eleven. “If it was really as you said, the ancient Si clan would’ve gone extinct long ago. How could they have thrived until now? There isn’t a single weak person from the ancient Si clan. Every single one of them is an expert who can be a formidable leader in their own right on the outside.”

“Even if I’m not good at martial arts… I’m decent at business affairs! Don’t tell me you don’t need to earn money in the Independent State. Don’t tell me the ancient Si clan doesn’t need to eat. I’ve conducted business on the outside for many years, so I have a wealth of experience. I can tell what can make money and what can’t at a glance,” Eleven said haughtily.

“So what if you’re rich? Are you awesome because you’re rich? Can you go to the Independent State just because you’re rich? Will the ancient Si clan like you just because you’re rich? It’s fine if the ancient Si clan doesn’t like you! Our Fearless Alliance looks keenly on talented people like you!” Big Dipper’s words took a sharp turn, and a grin spread across his face.

Seven Star:

Ye Wanwan:

“Sis Feng, let’s bring Brother Eleven back to the Independent State… Eleven is your disciple, Sis Feng, so you can’t heartlessly abandon Brother Eleven in China like this and ignore his fate! I absolutely won’t allow it!” Big Dipper exclaimed self-righteously.

Yeah, Master. How about you bring me to the Independent State so I can see the world?” Eleven eagerly added.

“What would happen to the Si family if you went to the Independent State?” Ye Wanwan hit the nail on the head.

It’d be better for Eleven to remain in China. A place like the Independent State didn’t suit him, and Eleven was considered an outsider to the Independent State. It would require quite a bit of effort to obtain a permit for him, especially with the current relationship between the Fearless Alliance and the Martial Arts Union. The Martial Arts Union probably wouldn’t give them any more allowances.

A moment later, Ye Wanwan ordered the other five people to head to the Si residence and Si Bayi’s manor to look into the Fearless Alliance elite hostages while she herself headed for the Age of Immortals.

Her business in China was essentially wrapped up, so she needed to let Gong Xu, Han Xianyu, and the others know before her departure. As for her parents, she made arrangements already.

Now that Ye Mufan returned to the Age of Immortals, the Age of Immortals became Stars Entertainment’s major partner without any distinction or withholding.

Yao Jiawen, on the other hand, was kicked out of the Age of Immortals by Ye Mufan the moment he returned. He also reported Yao Jiawen for embezzling the Age of Immortals’ funds, so Yao Jiawen wasn’t having a good time now. It wouldn’t be long before she ended up in jail.

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