Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1845 - What should we do about Emperor Ji then?

Chapter 1845 What should we do about Emperor Ji then?

Even Seven Star, First Elder, and Third Elder were surprised. Wasn’t their president the girlfriend of this Patriarch Si from China… How long had it been? How did they become husband and wife all of a sudden?

“Why are you everywhere?” Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper.

“You can’t, Sis—I mean, Sis Wanwan… It’s fine if you just want to have fun since you can have as many boyfriends as you want… but you can only have one husband… Ah, Sis Wanwan, how could you get married to the patriarch of a family from China…? You can’t, you absolutely can’t! I don’t consent to this marriage!” Big Dipper said as he frantically shook his head.

“You talk too much,” Seven Star said to Big Dipper expressionlessly.

“What do you mean I talk too much?” Big Dipper was confused.

“This is Sis Wan’s private business,” Seven Star answered.

“Blah! You’re such a lapdog! Do you know what devoted loyalty is? A loyal person like me has to advise Sis Wanwan! I’m doing this for Sis Wanwan’s benefit! What the hell do you know? Shoo!” Big Dipper shoved Seven Star to the side.

Big Dipper continued: “Sis Wanwan, you really can’t… If you’re married to this guy… what would we do about Emperor Ji then?”

“Emperor Ji…”

The Si family higher-ups looked at each other, bewildered. They had never heard of Emperor Ji… Who was that? The name was rather intimidating though.

At the mention of Emperor Ji, the gentleness in Si Yehan’s eyes instantly disappeared. A terrifying storm enveloped them instead, along with gray clouds and frightening thunder.

“If Emperor Ji won’t do… Lord Asura is also good. I think you and Lord Asura are quite suitable, Sis Wanwan… D*mn, I get it! Sis Wanwan, don’t tell me you’re crazily infatuated with Lord Asura but couldn’t get him, so you took a fancy to this thing…” Big Dipper turned to Si Yehan in astonishment.

This Patriarch Si from China looked nearly identical to Lord Asura from the Independent State and only had a different hair color… as though they were identical twins…

“Yes, that must be it… Sis Wanwan, you must love Lord Asura to death and love him so much you’ve lost yourself… This is why you like this punk and married him…” Big Dipper rubbed his chin and kept nodding as he analyzed the situation.

Si Yehan’s expression eased up minutely.

“However, Sis Wanwan, even if you can’t get Lord Asura… Emperor Ji will also do! Emperor Ji isn’t any worse than Lord Asura. Let me think it through for you… There’s no criticism about Emperor Ji’s looks for sure—he’s on par with Lord Asura… As for money… probably the same… Their status… I also think they’re neck and neck. Their fame is the same too… Of course, I suspect it’s Lord Asura and Emperor Ji who are a true pair… So even if it’s Emperor Ji, I don’t think you can get him, Sis Wanwan. I don’t think either Emperor Ji or Lord Asura will take a liking to you… But even if Lord Asura and Emperor Ji don’t work out, there’s my Brother Shen still…”

As Big Dipper prattled on incoherently, Ye Wanwan’s expression blackened. Shen your grandfather!

There could only be one person who matched the “Brother Shen” mentioned by Big Dipper: The great landlord of the Shen family…

Aside from Big Dipper, there was also one other person who adamantly wanted to matchmake her and Eldest Young Master Shen… Nameless Nie.

“Why are you so noisy?”

The silent Third Elder seemed unable to endure Big Dipper’s prattling any longer and irritatedly looked at Big Dipper.

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