Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1839 - I didn“t expect it to be you

Chapter 1839 I didn“t expect it to be you

“Snap Eleven’s neck?” Xu Yi turned to Ye Wanwan in surprise. This wasn’t something that the Miss Wanwan he knew would say.

Disbelief entered Eleven’s face, and the captain choking his neck was also surprised.

“Wow, I didn’t expect a woman like you to be rather cruel and absolutely unconcerned about your disciple’s fate. Then… I will slash his throat in front of you…”

The captain drew a dagger from his waist.

“Hurry and kill him already! What are you dawdling around for? How about I help you kill him?” Big Dipper yawned like he was watching a circus show.

“Kill him then,” Ye Wanwan said.

Eleven’s expression suddenly returned to normal, the red fading from his face.

“Heh… Master, aren’t you too cruel toward me? Could it be that my life isn’t worth Si Yehan’s whereabouts?” The corners of Eleven’s lips curled into a frightening smile.

“Eleven, you actually…”

Xu Yi looked at Eleven in disbelief. Was this man in front of him really the previous captain of the hidden guard that he knew? The disciple that Miss Wanwan personally taught?

“You can release me now,” Eleven ordered the captain holding him.

The captain of the hidden guard was dumbfounded. What’s going on? Didn’t Miss Qin Ruoxi say Eleven was Ye Wanwan’s disciple and tell me to use Eleven’s life to threaten Ye Wanwan to reveal Si Yehan’s info and lure Si Yehan?!

“How unfortunate… Mr. Eric.”

From a distance, Qin Ruoxi slowly walked toward them with several higher-ups from the Si family trailing behind her.

“Mr. Eric, it appears your life is worthless to Ye Wanwan. Your method of using your life to force Ye Wanwan to reveal Si Yehan’s whereabouts doesn’t seem to be too effective,” Qin Ruoxi calmly said to Eleven.

“Mr. Eric?”

The captain became increasingly baffled. Wasn’t this man Eleven, the previous captain of Si family’s hidden guard? Who the heck was “Mr. Eric”?

“Retreat to the side,” a Si family higher-up ordered the captain.

The captain nodded. He didn’t know what just happened, but it didn’t seem to be his business. He merely needed to listen to orders.

“Eleven, I originally thought you just defected to Qin Ruoxi’s side. I didn’t expect… I really didn’t expect you to really be Eric.” Ye Wanwan’s eyes swept across Qin Ruoxi and the others before focusing on Eleven.

She had never suspected Eleven because he really was too normal—so normal that he was easily forgotten…

Who would’ve expected that the person behind Si Mingli and Qin Ruoxi was Eleven from start to finish?

He hid his identity and assumed the alias of Eleven to infiltrate the Si family’s hidden guards… What was his objective?


Eleven looked at Ye Wanwan, his lips turning up into a bewitching smile. “Master, I’m very curious how you saw through me. I don’t think I revealed any flaws.”

You thought your performance was flawless? Regrettably, your flaws were too big.” Ye Wanwan looked at him. “In the prison, you kept trying to brainwash me into falsely thinking that as long as Si Yehan returned, the Si family would return to its original state. However, you merely wanted to use me to lure Si Yehan… Am I right?”

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