Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1837 - Helpless to do anything

Chapter 1837 Helpless to do anything

“Sh*t! There’s someone else here!” Big Dipper jolted in fright.

Ye Wanwan was startled. This voice wasn’t unfamiliar…

“Xu Yi?” Ye Wanwan asked with a frown.

“Miss Wanwan…It really is you…”

Xu Yi’s voice was heard again.

“Steward Xu is imprisoned in another cell…” Eleven quietly explained.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but find it strange. With Xu Yi’s intelligence, he should’ve left the Si family very quickly after disaster struck. Moreover, with the power of Xu Yi’s clan, nothing should’ve happened to him, so why was he now imprisoned…?

“Miss Wanwan, how did you get captured by them…”

Xu Yi had been imprisoned for more than two months, so he was utterly clueless about the events of the outside world. “You didn’t leave the Si family?” Ye Wanwan asked instead of answering Xu Yi’s question.

Xu Yi promptly sighed. He didn’t get imprisoned because of the Si family’s misfortune. It was because he offended several of the Si family’s higher-ups, so he was locked there to reflect on his mistakes. He should be released in a few days.

However, the Patriarch had been missing for many months, and Xu Yi didn’t hold much emotion toward the current Si family, so he would probably leave the Si family for good after being released.

“Miss Wanwan… you shouldn’t have come back…” Xu Yi sighed after a long while. The current Si family wasn’t the previous Si family anymore.

The current Si family had been completely usurped by Qin Ruoxi and her faction.

Back when Ninth Master was still there, Ye Wanwan offended nearly all of the Si family’s higher-ups, and Qin Ruoxi had a bone-deep hatred for her. Now that Ye Wanwan had returned, how could Qin Ruoxi and her cohorts spare Ye Wanwan?

“Master, do you really not know where the Patriarch is…? If Patriarch is willing to appear, Qin Ruoxi and those higher- ups wouldn’t dare to act so arrogantly! The Patriarch would definitely know how to fix the Si family and mete out deserved punishments to those traitors!” Eleven anxiously interjected.

“That’s impossible. Ninth Master’s been missing for too long, so Qin Ruoxi and those higher-ups have gained complete control over the Si family. Even if Ninth Master appeared now, there’s nothing he can do,” Xu Yi rebutted helplessly. He also hoped for Ninth Master to return, but unfortunately, the Si family had completely entered the possession of Qin Ruoxi and her cohort, so what could happen even if Ninth Master returned? No one in the Si family would obey Ninth Master’s orders any more.

“Steward Xu, you’re just bolstering their morale and reducing our courage! Do you think the Patriarch can’t take care of Qin Ruoxi and those higher-ups?!” Eleven was displeased.

“Eleven, you know the current situation full well. What? Do you think Ninth Master would have a method to overpower the current Si family even if he returned?” Xu Yi felt feeble.

“Steward Xu, the Si family back then was merely a bucket of loose sand and divided into individual factions, but Ninth Master also managed to unite and govern the entire Si family after his return!”

Eleven then turned to Ye Wanwan. “Master, you must know where Ninth Master is and can make Ninth Master come back… As long as Ninth Master returns, the Si family will definitely return to how it was in the past!”

“This is why you could only get by as the captain of the hidden guards in the Si family back then with this intelligence of yours, Eleven,” Xu Yi mocked.

“What are you saying, Steward Xu?! Do you think Ninth Master can’t reform the current Si family?” Eleven sounded indignant.

“Although I don’t want to admit it, that’s obviously the way it is. Am I wrong?”

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