Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1806 - What a great show 

Chapter 1806 What a great show 

Zhang He continued, “Based on what I know, Ye Shaoting was responsible for installing all of the Ye residence’s surveillance, so he thoroughly knew every point of surveillance inside and out.

“If Ye Shaoting wanted to kill someone, planned it for a long time and was operating with his son, Ye Mufan, how could he be foolish enough to expose himself on the surveillance footage multiple times? That isn’t logical nor reasonable.”

From the defendant’s seat, Ye Mufan looked at Zhang He in surprise. D*mn… No wonder he was China’s most famous lawyer that Wanwan hired with a huge sum of money… He was simply…

“Hence, based on the intact nature of the fingerprints… It’s apparent that this was pre-meditated and plotted to frame them for murder. This is all I have to say,” Zhang He concluded with a smile.

Huang Mingkun knitted his brows tightly and looked at their dumbstruck lawyer. He wanted to stomp his feet from anxiousness. Talk already!

The prosecutor was exasperated. What else could he say?

Fingerprints couldn’t be intact after the weapon was soaked in water for 10+ hours, but the fingerprints on the murder weapon were very intact, meaning they were planted there later… This point alone was enough…

Also, all of Zhang He’s explanations were flawless, and there wasn’t a point they could refute. Moreover, they had videos and recordings as evidence…

About half an hour later, when news rang out of Ye Mufan and Ye Shaoting being released and absolved of their guilt, Ye Wanwan finally revealed a trace of happiness from Stars’ anniversary celebration stage.

Although they couldn’t use the recording as direct evidence, they could use it as a reference. Since Ye Mufan and Ye Shaoting were acquitted of their charges, the investigation on this case would be continued and eventually lead to Huang Mingkun and Liang Meixuan. Ye Wanwan would like to see how long they could hold on.

Soon, Ye Wanwan had someone turn the screen off, ending the live broadcast of the court hearing.

“So… does anyone want to say anything else…? For example, Elder Ye, Ye Yiyi, and CEO Gu?”

Ye Wanwan turned to the trio with an inscrutable smile on her face.

Ye Hongwei was stunned, his lips twitching, and unable to utter a word. Ye Yiyi’s hands were twisted into themselves, and the color was drained from her face.

Gu Yueze had his brows deeply knitted. Ye Yiyi was actually a b*stard? The illegitimate daughter from a steward?!

A commotion ran through the venue of Stars’ anniversary celebration following the judge’s decision.

No one expected the truth of the matter to turn out like this!

What a great show!

The eldest miss of Emperor Sky Entertainment, Ye Yiyi, was actually the b*stard, and the madam of the Ye Group had an illicit affair with their steward. They worked together to frame Ye Shaoting and his son, Ye Mufan, and they might even be the culprits behind Ye Shao’an’s murder!

This truth was simply horrifyingly bone-chilling!

A vacuum instantly appeared around Ye Yiyi, and everyone subconsciously distanced themselves from her.

Based on Ye Yiyi’s expression, she had to have known her background. How malicious did this woman have to be to dominate the position as the eldest daughter of the Ye family for so long without any qualms?

How could this mother and daughter pair be so evil and vicious?

Everyone also naturally remembered how Gu Yueze broke his engagement with Ye Wanwan back then. There was no double he threw away Ye Wanwan, a watermelon, to pick up a pile of dog sh*t!

Gu Yueze naturally detected everyone’s peculiar gazes and fervent whisperings.

His fiancee was actually the b*stard of a steward!

He had never experienced this type of humiliation in his life!

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