Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1804 - A surprising reward 

Chapter 1804 A surprising reward 

Hongxing Gang sent news a few days ago that Huang Mingkun and Liang Meixuan’s abductors were taken care of already and the recording was destroyed…

Did Hongxing Gang lie to her?!

Ye Wanwan aloofly watched Ye Yiyi’s reaction.

Ye Yiyi definitely didn’t expect that it was Ye Wanwan who made Hongxing Gang give them false information since Hongxing Gang had been following everything she said to the tee with Liao Jiaqi in her possession.

Ye Hongwei watched the big screen in disbelief after the recording ended.

Ye Shao’an… wasn’t killed by Ye Shaoting and Ye Mufan… His second son died at the hands of Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang!

Then they framed Ye Shaoting and Ye Mufan for the homicide!!!

“Elder Ye, the Ye Yiyi you indulge so much isn’t your granddaughter. She’s the product of an illicit affair between Liang Meixuan and the Ye family’s steward, Huang Mingkun. Elder Ye is so generous to hand over your life’s work to an outsider,” Ye Wanwan said to Ye Hongwei in amusement.

“Wh-what did you say?!” Ye Hongwei was stunned and incredulously turned to look at Ye Yiyi next to him.

“Don’t slander me and start rumors here, Ye Wanwan!” Ye Yiyi loudly rebuked.

“Slander you and start rumors?” Ye Wanwan smiled. “Your mother’s illicit affair with Steward Huang isn’t fake, right? I’ve hired private investigators and possess evidence of the affair between your mother and Huang Mingkun.”

Ye Yiyi frowned deeply… She truly underestimated this woman…

On the big screen, Huang Mingkun and Liang Meixuan were originally sitting in the audience as the victim’s family but following the revelation of the recording, their expressions greatly changed. Didn’t Yiyi say Hongxing Gang had already taken care of their abductors and destroyed the recording?!

“I-it’s not like that… Someone abducted us and forced us to say that!!!” Liang Meixuan stood up and shouted loudly.

“Oh? You’re saying you said this during your abduction? Isn’t that absurd? Don’t you know what these words represent?” Zhang He, China’s top lawyer, asked with a snort.

“I know! But if we didn’t cooperate with them, we would’ve died!” Liang Meixuan explained immediately.

“What a joke!” Zhang He exclaimed. “If it was really as you said, why don’t you have a police record? Why would an abducted individual say this but not report it to the police? However, they didn’t exhibit any changes from before the trial began until now. Don’t tell me you forgot you were abducted?”

“I…” Sweat drenched Liang Meixuan’s forehead.

When they got home and found Ye Yiyi, they did have plans to report the abducting to the police. However, Hongxing Gang guaranteed that the recording was destroyed already, so they were afraid it would cause unnecessary trouble and reveal her relationship with Huang Mingkun, and maybe even their business with Hongxing Gang…

“Who provided this recording?” the judge asked from his seat.

“I did,” a middle-aged man replied as he stood up from the benches.

“Bullsh*t…” Liang Meixuan shouted, enraged.

The middle-aged man snorted before turning to the judge. “I’m a private investigator with a permit for operation and underwent professional training. Miss Ye Wanwan hired me, and through tenacious investigation, I finally discovered Huang Mingkun owed a large sum to loan sharks at the casino.

The supposed abduction that Huang Mingkun mentioned was his loan sharks merely finding him a few days ago and forcing him to pay his debts… Additionally, Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun had an abnormally intimate relationship…

“I discovered the particular hotel and hotel room that they frequently stayed in and installed taping devices in the room ahead of time. I originally just wanted to try my luck but didn’t expect to really get a surprising reward.”

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