Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1775 - Dare to mess with anyone you want

Chapter 1775: Dare to mess with anyone you want

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Macy was stunned. What’s Director Zhou doing…?

“You!” Director Zhou turned to Macy. “Are you freaking blind? How dare you mess with anyone you want?!”

Macy was startled and wanted to say something but was instantly interrupted by Director Zhou. “You’re fired! Get out of my sight this instant!”

Macy’s face turned ghastly pale. She had no idea what just happened. Why was she fired for no reason…?!

“What did you say?” The silent Fu Mingxi slowly picked off his glasses and stared at Director Zhou.

“Heh… Mr. Fu, no one can help anyone who offends this miss,” the portly man replied with a smile.

“Oh?” Fu Mingxi was surprised and carefully examined Ye Wanwan. Who in the world was this woman…?

Director Zhou shouted, “Why are you still standing here? Security, toss her out!”

Macy was swiftly thrown out of Stars Entertainment by several security guards.

“Come, come, come, please enter!” Director Zhou said to Ye Wanwan and her group with an ingratiating smile.

They followed Director Zhou upstairs and entered his office.

“Since we came to the wrong branch, we won’t disturb you,” First Elder said in the office.

Director Zhou’s expression shifted immediately. “No no no… The other branch is far away! To be honest with you, when we learned in a meeting that this honorable lady wanted to visit a branch office, us three major branches all wished to be graced by luck…

“Unfortunately, this opportunity didn’t fall on this branch… But now, this opportunity was given to us by the heavens; it must’ve been heaven’s will…”

Ye Wanwan: “…” Director Zhou is quite clever with his words.

Director Zhou secretly studied Ye Wanwan. Although he didn’t know this woman’s background, she had to have a notable background to make big boss act so seriously… Based on her looks, she might even be their big boss’ lover!

Soon, a video call flashed on the big screen in Director Zhou’s office.

Director Zhou accepted the call immediately.

Second Elder’s face appeared on the screen.

“Chairman Fu!” Director Zhou respectfully greeted as soon as he saw Second Elder.

“Grandpa…” Fu Mingxi also called out at the same time.


Ye Wanwan and the others were surprised.

Fu Mingxi was actually Second Elder’s… grandson?!

No wonder Fu Mingxi dared to question Director Zhou when Director Zhou fired his assistant earlier despite Director Zhou being the head of this branch. It turned out Fu Mingxi was the grandson of Stars Corporation’s boss…

“President! I sincerely apologize! It was my fault for not notifying people properly; please punish me, President!”

On the screen, Second Elder hastily stood up and reverently apologized to Ye Wanwan.

Director Zhou and Fu Mingxi froze in their spots and turned to look at Ye Wanwan like they had seen a ghost.

Director Zhou knew their big boss was the Second Elder of the Independent State’s Fearless Alliance, an all-powerful, fearsome figure.

Now though, their big boss actually called this woman before them “President”…

Director Zhou previously thought Ye Wanwan was Second Elder’s lover.

However, it appeared this woman wasn’t their big boss’ lover at all! She was freaking their big boss’s… boss!!!

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