Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1773 - He doesn't know you

Chapter 1773: He doesn’t know you

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Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper. After coming to China, this fool seemed to have lost all inhibitions and actually wanted her to pay for his debt in his stead.

She ignored him and led them toward the skyscraper.

“Who are you looking for?”

Before they could enter the building, several employees stopped them.

Entry at Stars Entertainment was strictly monitored, so it wasn’t easy for entertainment reporters to obtain news from Stars Entertainment or snap photos of internationally famous superstars.

Before First Elder could answer, a luxurious sports car swiftly drove up to the entrance.

The staff members immediately went forward and pushed Ye Wanwan and her group to the side to receive the luxurious sports car.

The sports car stopped in front of Stars Entertainment and the scissor doors opened. A young man walked out from the driver’s seat.

The young man wore a white dress shirt and a pair of expensive and luxurious sunglasses. He looked at the nearby Ye Wanwan and her group.

“Who are they?” The man turned to the employee.

An employee answered, “We don’t recognize them either, Mr. Fu. Their intentions are unknown.”

The man didn’t say anything else and entered the building.

Ye Wanwan pensively surveyed the man’s back.

She naturally wasn’t a stranger to this man. He was an artist that Stars Entertainment emphatically nurtured. He might be young, but he had already won numerous awards and ascended to the international stage, entering the ranks of internationally acclaimed artists.

“Eh… Isn’t that man Fu Mingxi?” Big Dipper asked Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan turned to Big Dipper. “You know quite a bit.”

“Of course, Sis Feng… Because of my goddess, I pay frequent attention to the entertainment industry, alright? A celebrity like Fu Mingxi dominates any website you open every time you breach the wall… He’s super awesome!” Big Dipper replied.

Aside from artists on the student stage, the majority of artists under Stars Entertainment were famous artists who walked the international stage and weren’t restricted to any particular country.

“Hello, we would like to see Director Zhou,” First Elder said to one of the staff members.


The employees were startled. They hadn’t misheard, right? These people wanted to see Director Zhou?!

Stars Entertainment had three main branch locations in China and each branch had its own person in charge, and this branch’s head was Director Zhou.

An employee looked at First Elder and said, “I didn’t hear about Director Zhou having any appointments today… Who are you? How about I help you ask Director Zhou if he has time first?”

A person who came to Stars Entertainment and specifically wanted to see Director Zhou was either a fool or a VIP. If these people were VIP and they were offended, the employees would have to shoulder the blame.

“Thank you,” Ye Wanwan said to the employees.

One of the employees picked up the phone and called someone.

“Director Zhou doesn’t have any appointments today and doesn’t know you,” the employee said to Ye Wanwan and her group without any cordiality after hanging up the phone.

Third Elder’s expression darkened.

First Elder frowned. What happened on Second Elder’s end? Didn’t he say he called ahead of time already…?

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