Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 177: The way a fatuous ruler acts

Chapter 177: The way a fatuous ruler acts

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However, just like before, Si Ye Han didn't hide anything from her.

Such confidential and even top secret things: his bedroom, his most important study and his darkroom, were all brazenly spread out in front of her.

But she could understand why.

Would anybody be guarded against their own pet cat, dog or bird? Obviously not.

Qin Ruo Xi glanced at Ye Wanwan, was silent for a moment and in the end, didn't say anything at all. Then she started reporting the details to Si Ye Han.

In the quiet study, there was only the clear voice of Qin Ruo Xi and a few words from Si Ye Han occasionally.

Ye Wanwan left those two alone and started doing her homework.

With her math homework piled up like a mountain, she didn't have time to think about anything else.

Suddenly, a loud "dong" interrupted the silence.

Qin Ruo Xi and Si Ye Han raised their heads and looked towards Ye Wanwan.

They saw that Ye Wanwan's head was on the table, with a worksheet sandwiched in between.

She stared at that math worksheet with red and teary eyes, looking as if the paper had murdered her dad.

After a moment of strange silence, Si Ye Han pinched his brows and indicated for Qin Ruo Xi to stop. He stood up and walked towards Ye Wanwan.

Si Ye Han walked to her side, "Which question?"

Ye Wanwan was stunned as she forced her head up, "Huh?"

"Which question do you need help with?" Si Ye Han repeated and at the same time, stretched his fingers out and stroked her forehead with a frown.

Ye Wanwan tilted her head and replied instinctively, "Uh, question one, question two, question three, question four, question five, question six..."

Si Ye Han: "..."

Si Ye Han took out the first-aid kit from the cupboard, applied some medicine on her red and swollen forehead, then started explaining the questions to her.

Upon seeing Si Ye Han helping her with her homework, Ye Wanwan was dazed and somewhat surprised, but was captivated by Si Ye Han's explanation very quickly.

After ten minutes, Ye Wanwan looked at Si Ye Han with dazzling eyes, as if he had grown a pair of little white wings on his back.

She never expected that after he explained those inexplicable formulas and questions that they'd become surprisingly easy.

Very soon, half an hour passed.

Qin Ruo Xi, who was sitting on the sofa waiting in silence, finally spoke up, "Ye Han..."

Si Ye Han lifted his gaze from the paper and looked at Qin Ruo Xi, "You can head back first."

Qin Ruo Xi, who'd kept her composure all this while, had an uneasiness that appeared beneath her eyes after she heard him, "But the issue with Shen City, we have to..."

"I know what to do."

Qin Ruo Xi's expression turned gloomy at being interrupted. After a few seconds, she finally stood up, "Got it."

Qin Ruo Xi left after she packed up her documents.

Watching Qin Ruo Xi leave, Ye Wanwan was quite surprised herself.

What Qin Ruo Xi said just now must've been very important. In fact, everything handled by Qin Ruo Xi was important. But Si Ye Han actually pushed this issue back just to help her with her homework?

This was truly... the way a fatuous ruler acts...

When he noticed that she was distracted, Si Ye Han rapped his fist on the table, "Do you understand?"

"Ah? No... No! Can you explain it again, please?" Ye Wanwan quickly focused all her attention.

Forget it, who cares what Si Ye Han thinks? I'm still stressed over math. With such a rare opportunity today, I have to grab hold of it.

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