Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1764 - Dad, save meee!!!

Chapter 1764 Dad, save meee!!!

At a certain high-class clubhouse:

Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun didn’t even go home and directly sought out Liao Haicheng.

They underwent several days of torment, so they currently resembled refugees and reeked horribly with pallid complexions. Without any surprise, they were stopped by two bodyguards in black as soon as they reached the entrance.

Who are you?!”

Its me! Fm Liang Meixuan! We have something very important to tell Mr. Liao!”

Liang Meixuan hastily said.

“Liang Meixuan? How did you end up like this?” The bodyguard now recognized the duo, revealing a contemptuous expression.

“We were abducted! It was very difficult for us to escape!”

“Abducted?” “Who’s outside?”

A deep and low voice was emitted from the room.

“Mr. Liao, its Miss Liang and Mr. Huang!” “Let them enter.”


Upon hearing Liao Haicheng, the bodyguard led Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun inside.

A man around fifty to sixty years old was leisurely sitting on the sofa with a cigar hanging between his lips.

“What’s the matter?” Liao Haicheng examined the ragged duo.

Liang Meixuan immediately told the story with a string of embellishments.

The assistant standing next to Liao Haicheng frowned upon hearing her story. “Heh, that girl crashed the set of Yao Jiawen’s film a few days ago. Mr. Liao already ordered someone to call and warn her. I didn’t expect that girl to be gutsier

than we expected and directly abduct you two:’

“What? That little b*tch also crashed the set?”

Huang Mingkun hastily added, “Not only that, but that little b*tch also sent people to extort a confession from us! You absolutely cant let that little b*tch off with a mere warning! Now that she has a confession from us, if we wait for the trial to be held and they win the case, the company will end up in their hands…”

Liao Haicheng’s assistant glanced at Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun sharply. “Does Mr. Liao need a lesson from you on how to do things?”

The color drained from Huang Mingkun’s face, and he said ingratiatingly, Of course not, of course not. Who are you, Mr. Liao? That little b*tch is but a mere ant, and you can squeeze her to death with a flick of your fingers!”

At that point, Liao Haicheng’s phone started ringing. The caller was a strange number.

“Speak,” Liao Haicheng expressionless said as he took the call.

“Liao Haicheng, may I ask… where’s your son, Liao Jiaqi?” A woman’s languid and smug voice came from the phone.

Liao Haicheng frowned and seemed to have sensed something, so he covered the

speaker and turned to his assistant. “Where’s Jiaqi?”

The assistant replied, “I don’t know where Young Master Jiaqi went. We contacted him earlier, but his phone is turned off…”


Liao Haicheng’s expression instantly shifted. As the boss of Hongxing Gang, he instantly understood the caller’s intention. Liao Jiaqi was most likely in someone else’s hands now…

“What do you want?”

A trace of fury was evident in Liao Haicheng’s voice as he picked up the phone again.

“Heh… Liao Haicheng… I currently have your son, Liao Jiaqi… I hope…”

Before Ye Wanwan could finish speaking, a tragic shout was heard from behind her, startling even Ye Wanwan.

“Ah… stop hitting me… AH… Save me… Dad, hurry and save me! Fm about to die… Ahhh…”

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