Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1757 - Villains collude together

Chapter 1757: Villains collude together

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Ye Wanwan played the recording again and listened to Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun’s conversation.

This recording alone was enough to prove Ye Mufan and Ye Shaoting’s innocence and Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun’s unquestionable guilt.

“Third Elder, how did you make them talk?” Ye Wanwan looked at Third Elder curiously.

Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun had to have known what this kind of recording represented, so they shouldn’t have talked even if someone held a knife across their necks.

If Ye Wanwan was Liang Meixuan or Huang Mingkun, she absolutely wouldn’t have uttered a single word since she would die regardless. Why would she talk?

Before Third Elder could reply, Big Dipper bolted forward and hastily answered, “Sis Feng, I’m telling you, after Third Elder abducted Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun, he treated them nicely and didn’t beat them or yell at them or deprive them of food or water. The only thing he did was prohibiting them from sleeping—he clipped their eyelids open and added small amounts of sleeping pills to their food and water. Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun were incredibly tired and confessed to everything for the sake of getting some sleep. They had no choice but to cooperate with us and stage this conversation.”

Ye Wanwan looked at Third Elder pensively. It had to be said that Third Elder was truly very reliable during crucial moments.

It was difficult to imagine what Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun underwent.

Normal people wouldn’t be able to endure not sleeping for several days. It wasn’t just that, but Third Elder actually added sleeping pills to their food and water.

Although Big Dipper said and Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun were treated nicely, the prohibition of sleep in conjunction with the consumption of sleeping drugs could be considered as one of the cruelest forms of torture in the world. Even professionally trained individuals might not be able to withstand it, let alone normal people.

Ye Wanwan recalled how Third Elder was one of her biggest threats when she first arrived at the Fearless Alliance, but once this enemy transformed into a friend, he was evidently very reliable.

“Sis Feng, no wonder they say old ginger is hotter than young ginger! Third Elder is truly vicious and merciless, brutal and inhuman, cruel and unfeeling, ruthless and malicious, and he has the ambition of wild wolves!” Big Dipper cheerily gave Third Elder a thumbs up.

Third Elder’s expression dropped instantly. “What dogsh*t are you spouting?! Who are you accusing of having the ambition of wild wolves?”

“Villains colluding together then…” Big Dipper changed his compliment.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Don’t randomly use idioms if you don’t know how to use them…

Before Ye Wanwan could say anything, First Elder, wearing a red polo, slowly entered the living room from outside the house.

“It’s so lively here. Don’t you need to work today?” First Elder asked with a chuckle when he saw Third Elder.

Big Dipper answered, “First Elder, we finished our job! Listen to the recording that Third Elder obtained!”

“Oh? Really? Third Elder got a recording of Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun?” First Elder looked incredulous.

“Really! Third Elder abducted them…” Big Dipper then proceeded to repeat the whole process to First Elder.

First Elder finished listening to the whole recording with suspicion, his expression shifting at the conclusion. Third Elder really got ahead of him and obtained the evidence needed…

“Heh, I said before that it would be enough if the President took only me to China. Bringing First Elder here too was truly a waste; it would’ve been better to have First Elder stay at the Fearless Alliance and hold down the fort,” Third Elder injected, his lips curling with a haughty expression.

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