Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1726 - Time to chat about our reasoning

Chapter 1726: Time to chat about our reasoning

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“Heh, I said this earlier—10,000 is the principal, and this house is the interest.” The middle-aged man sneered.

Ye Wanwan looked at him and expressionlessly asked, “So you’re saying that a principal of 10,000 requires a whole mansion as interest?”

“Of course! We’re loan sharks! Don’t you know what a loan shark is… We’re loan sharks. That’s reasonable, right?” The middle-aged man looked at her.

“D*mn! You’re shadier than me!” Big Dipper gave the middle-aged man a thumbs up.

In the Independent State, their Fearless Alliance was shady enough already, but to his surprise, there were people in China shadier than them. A principal loan of 10,000 RMB actually required interest equivalent to a mansion.

“Following your line of thought, it *is* rather reasonable.” Ye Wanwan nodded.

Everyone was startled by her words, especially Liang Wanjun. She didn’t understand what Ye Wanwan was thinking at all.

“I can give you the house. That’s fine.” Ye Wanwan smiled.

“Heh, you’re rather sensible,” the middle-aged man said. “As long as you give us the house, we can leave you alone and won’t come back.”

“You want to leave? No need to rush.” Ye Wanwan shook her head.

“You have other inquiries?” he asked.

“Of course. Now that you’re done talking about your reasoning… It’s time to chat about our reasoning.” Ye Wanwan’s lips curled into a bewitching smile.

“Your reasoning?” The middle-aged man was taken aback. What brand of reasoning could they have?

“You trespassed on private property and tied my mother to a chair. Both my mother and I suffered a fright and require 100 million as compensation. This—this is our reasoning,” Ye Wanwan replied.

The middle-aged man and his group froze in their spots.

Guffaws quickly erupted in the mansion.

“Little girl, what right do you have to be so unruly?” the middle-aged man asked Ye Wanwan.

“What right?” Ye Wanwan snorted. “We’re bandits!”

“Hahaha, you feeble weaklings?!” The middle-aged man wore an exaggerated smile on his face.

However, following his words, Third Elder’s face darkened and his hand shot out, ruthlessly hitting the middle-aged man in the face with a bang.

A second later, the middle-aged man flew back and heavily crashed into the wall.

“Haha, sister, I’ll go on a walk with you.”

First Elder walked toward Liang Wanjun and led her out of the mansion by her elbow.

“Third Elder, look, this is how you’re inferior to First Elder! First Elder is shrewder and has more brains than you!” Big Dipper mocked the elderly man.

Third Elder glared at him harshly. “An idiot like you is mentioning brains to me?!”

Big Dipper: “…”

Feeling like he’d been suppressed by First Elder again, Third Elder vented all of the raging fury inside him at the loan sharks.

Within moments, the loan sharks were squatting in the corner and clutching their heads, not daring to even breath loudly.

Is this old man a freaking monster?!

“You… You…”

The middle-aged man’s face was deathly pale as he looked at Ye Wanwan and her group, the blood by his lips still fresh.

What kind of monster did I provoke?! An old man who looks like he has a foot in his coffin is beating dozens of my men up like we’re children?!

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