Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1711 - Fastest and most convenient method

Chapter 1711: Fastest and most convenient method

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Who would’ve expected Eldest Young Master Shen to propose to Ye Wanwan in public like this?!

Many decent-looking female mercenaries all turned to look at Ye Wanwan with envy and jealousy in their eyes.

“But I’m uninterested in you,” Ye Wanwan truthfully replied.

The mercenaries: “…”

Too freaking thrilling…

“Goddess, believe in me that feelings can be nurtured! Don’t reject me in such a rush. I opened a cafe in Scarlet Flames Academy, so let’s have coffee first and carefully discuss the matter with mercenary honor points,” Eldest Young Master Shen invited her with a chuckle.

Then Ye Wanwan and Eldest Young Master Shen gradually left everyone’s field of view.

Inside the cafe’s super VIP private room:

A cup of specially-made coffee sat on the table in front of Ye Wanwan, the fragrance assailing her nose.

“Is there a fast way to obtain mercenary honor points… If you can buy them with money, how much does each point cost?” Ye Wanwan asked Eldest Young Master.

“Goddess, you can’t use money to buy honor points; it’s impossible. You also can’t transfer honor points or else I would give all my honor points to you,” Eldest Young Master Shen answered truthfully.

Ye Wanwan sighed helplessly.

“Although it’s unrealistic for someone to obtain a lot of honor points in a short period of time, there is a way,” Eldest Young Master Shen added with a mysterious smile.

Ye Wanwan immediately asked, “What way?”

“Goddess, it took many nights of contemplation before I thought of this way. Normal people don’t have this kind of intelligence.” Eldest Young Master Shen snickered. “Although missions drain time and energy and are difficult… this isn’t a problem. Everything is easily solvable as long as you have money. We might be mercenaries ourselves, but we can use our money to hire other mercenaries. We can accept the missions we want then hire a lot of top-tier mercenaries and assign missions to them to complete for us. It’s simple!”

Ye Wanwan was shocked. This kind of crafty maneuver was possible?!

A mercenary hiring other mercenaries to complete a bunch of mercenary missions for them…

After thinking about it carefully, this was indeed a very convenient and feasible method. As long as you had enough money, you could hire many top-tier mercenaries and wouldn’t need to be afraid of lacking honor points!

That being said, the price of hiring a top-tier mercenary was probably terrifyingly high. Moreover, a mission couldn’t be completed in a flash. A conservative estimate to complete an A-rank mission was probably five days to seven days while an S-rank mission would take longer, so you would have to hire a top-tier S-rank mercenary for a long period of time…

“How much does it cost to hire a top-tier S-rank mercenary?” Ye Wanwan sought guidance from Eldest Young Master Shen.

Shen Tianchen deliberated for a moment before replying, “Every top-tier mercenary’s price is different. It’d be fine as long as you offer a price that incentivizes them, or else they would just complete the mission themselves. Why would they need to help you do it?”

Ye Wanwan was contemplative when she heard that.

If things were like that, then she could dispatch the entire Fearless Alliance. She would be responsible for accepting missions, and the Fearless Alliance would be responsible for completing the missions…

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