Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1705 - That’s called brutal

Chapter 1705: That’s called brutal

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“Sis Wanwan, you want to make a beeline for S-rank?” The female mercenary looked at Ye Wanwan with incomprehension.

Logically speaking, the mercenary honor points that Ye Wanwan gained were enough for her to be promoted to A-rank, but she was still wearing a lowly D-rank uniform.

“Why are you asking Sis Wanwan so many questions like a curious toddler? Sis Wanwan naturally has her own reasons for not using her mercenary points to promote her rank,” an A-rank mercenary interjected.

The female mercenary rolled her eyes. This a**kisser…

Ye Wanwan kept walking forward, and the A-rank mercenaries trailed after her.

As soon as Ye Wanwan appeared in the mission issuance area, many mercenaries started examining her.

“Eh… Ye Wanwan…”

“D*mn… I just came back from a mission and heard that Elder Lei He’s second disciple was killed by Elder Gong’s new disciple. I heard that new disciple is named Ye Wanwan; that’s not her, right…”

“Yep, that’s her. A D-rank mercenary who acted extremely arrogant on stage and insisted on fighting one against two and challenged the two S-rank mercenaries, Meng Tian and Meng Ke, at the same time… In the end, she killed Meng Tian and seriously injured Meng Ke. Her undefeated record of dozens of successful matches broke Senior Sister Nie Linglong’s martial competition record, and she won first place…”

“That brutal?”

“You weren’t there! Now the live show, that’s called brutal…”

The gossiping mercenaries hastily sealed their lips when they saw Ye Wanwan approaching.

The C-rank and D-rank mercenaries all subconsciously retreated to the side and cleared a spot for Ye Wanwan upon seeing her.

Ye Wanwan surveyed the mission board.

The majority of them were C-rank and B-rank mercenaries and only rewarded 100-400 mercenary points after completion.

Not only were these C-rank and B-rank missions a waste of time, but the meager mercenary points that they rewarded was utterly horrendous!

If she had to accumulate 175,000 mercenary points from doing these C-rank and B-rank missions, her hair would turn white before she reached her goal.

Ye Wanwan completely gave up on C-rank and B-rank missions. There was no way she would ever accept them…

As for A-rank missions, the normal ones only rewarded 1,000 or so honor points while the middle-tier ones gave 2,000-3,000 points, and top-tier ones awarded 4,000-6,000 points.

She could reluctantly accept that amount, but it wouldn’t be sufficient for her to accept only A-rank missions.

Using an average of 2,500 points per mission, she would need to complete 80 to 90 A-rank missions just to scrape together 175,000 points.

It wasn’t realistic for her to only stick with A-rank missions.

To amass a large quantity of honor points in a short amount of time, her only option was to complete the top-tier S-rank missions, S+-rank missions, and even SS-rank missions…

However, these missions were currently too difficult for her.

When Ye Wanwan suddenly caught sight of a few particular mission slips, her eyes contracted and her mouth gaped in disbelief.

S-rank mission: Obtain a strand of hair from Lord Asura. The completion reward is 10,000 honor points.

S-rank mission: Obtain a personal item from Emperor Ji, his bronze ring. The completion reward is 10,000 honor points.

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