Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1653 - Line up over there

Chapter 1653: Line up over there

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“After you complete a mission, go to the mission reporting area, and there are supervisors there to personally verify it,” Li Xin replied.

Belatedly, Li Xin started and stared at Ye Wanwan. “Junior Sister Ye, didn’t you rashly accept two A-rank missions earlier…? What other missions did you accept? Why didn’t I know about them?”

To Li Xin, the supposed mission that Ye Wanwan completed was definitely unrelated to the two A-rank people from the Fearless Alliance.

Ye Wanwan was too lazy to continue explaining this matter since the explanation would go nowhere if Li Xin didn’t believe it.

After discovering about the mission reporting area, Ye Wanwan asked Li Xin to lead the way, and the duo headed there walking side by side.

“Junior Sister Ye… how about you flee… Zhang Da is at least a low-rank instructor… We don’t have what it takes to provoke him. Moreover, he already reported that you defected, so aren’t you asking for death by going to the mission reporting area right now…?” Li Xin tried his best to persuade her.

However, Ye Wanwan wasn’t shaken in the slightest. Zhang Da only had the guts to deceptively report that she defected because he thought it was impossible for her to complete two A-rank missions. Little did he imagine that not only did she complete two A-rank missions, but she also completed them within a week.

Ye Wanwan would like to see how Zhang Da would cover his lie.

Moments later, Ye Wanwan arrived at the rear mountain area at Scarlet Flames Academy, where the mission reporting area was located.

The mission reporting area was currently packed with people, like many A-rank mercenaries wearing their black uniforms and even the occasional S-rank in a gold uniform.

Typically, most people who came here were mercenaries who completed their missions and wanted to have them verified, so the highest-ranked mercenaries and even some top-notch elder-level figures from the academy could be seen here.

Ye Wanwan saw that a group of A-rank mercenaries was ahead of them, lining up and filling out mission report forms. She had Li Xin wait on the side while she also got in line.

Soon, a black-uniformed, A-rank mercenary looked at her with confusion. “Junior Sister, aren’t you at the wrong place?”

“No… I also came here to report my mission,” Ye Wanwan truthfully replied after a moment of thought.

The A-rank mercenary shook his head but didn’t say anything more.

A mere D-rank mercenary came to the A-rank mission reporting area to report her mission? Could it be that a D-rank mercenary accepted an A-rank mission and completed it? What kind of cosmic joke was that?

About half an hour later, it was finally Ye Wanwan’s turn.

There was a woman wearing an instructor’s uniform, about 40 or so years old, at the front.

The woman peered up and furrowed her brows when she saw Ye Wanwan’s gray uniform. She expressionlessly said, “You’re at the wrong place. This is the mission reporting station for A-rank mercenaries.”

The woman pointed at the nearby D-rank mercenary reporting area and aloofly said, “Line up over there.”


“Where did this newbie come from? She doesn’t even have a brain!”

“A mere D-rank mercenary newbie came running to the A-rank mercenaries’ mission reporting area to report her mission? Haha, are all her brain cells out of commission?!”

“Don’t say that. She’s a newbie, so it’s normal for her to be ignorant of the rules.”

Some senior D-rank mercenaries wearing gray uniforms guffawed without restraint.

There were dozens of classes of D-rank mercenaries at Scarlet Flames Academy, and Ye Wanwan’s class was but one of many. Hence, the majority of the D-rank mercenaries had never seen Ye Wanwan before.

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