Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1598 - List whatever price you want

Chapter 1598: List whatever price you want

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Nobody in the classroom dared to voice their anger and they were forced to accept it.

“Senior Brother, you haven’t given her a mission yet…” Zhou Fu said to Zhang Zuonian as he suddenly pointed at Ye Wanwan.

“En, I’ve given out all the missions to them already…” Zhang Zuonian pondered over it for a moment before saying to Ye Wanwan, “Ugly woman, you’re lucky. I don’t have any mission for you, so you’ll help us clean our room for a month. Every corner, including the toilet in the bathroom, needs to be spotless, or prepare for the consequences. I’ll give you our room address in a moment.”

After Zhang Zuonian said that, the three C-rank mercenaries cheerfully ambled out of the D-rank classroom.

Ye Wanwan looked like she didn’t hear them at all and was uninterested in even looking at them, so she didn’t pay attention to what Zhang Zuonian said.

“Blah! They want me to do missions for them? I have so many brothers protecting me; do they think I’m easy prey? They should look up who my brother is first!” Li Xin sneered with a snort.

Zhou Tao and Zhou Fu both didn’t dare to provoke Li Xin since he did have a few brothers at Scarlet Flames Academy. Who would dare to monitor him…

“Listen well. Remember the missions Senior Brother Zhang just issued or else… you’ll pay for the consequences yourself. I’m just reminding you out of kindness,” Zhou Tao said while running his eyes over everyone in the room.

“And you, Ye Wanwan, remember to clean their room thoroughly! Even the bathroom has to look brand new!” Zhou Fu coldly said to the nonchalant-looking Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan didn’t respond, as though she was immersed in her own world.

Before Zhou Fu could say anything else, Li Xin’s phone started ringing.

Li Xin took the call immediately.

“What? Brother, you’re here already…? So quickly? Where? Oh… the café behind Scarlet Flames Academy… Okay, I know, I’ll tell her…”

Li Xin hung up and turned to Ye Wanwan. “My brother is here.”

Ye Wanwan stood up instantly and followed Li Xin out of the classroom.

A moment later, the duo arrived at a café near Scarlet Flames Academy.

This café was built by Eldest Young Master Shen near Scarlet Flames Academy so that he could have a convenient place to drink coffee. The prices were extremely expensive, so it was normally empty.

After entering the café, Ye Wanwan followed Li Xin to a private room.

A young man was sitting in the chief seat in the room.

Ye Wanwan was surprised upon seeing the man.

This man was one of Li Xin’s older brothers… However, Ye Wanwan found this brother very familiar looking…

I think… he was amongst the group of mysterious people who tried to kill me back in China!

Thankfully, she was rescued by that enigmatic white-haired man or the consequences would’ve been too horrible to contemplate…

“You’re here.”

The man looked at Li Xin and Ye Wanwan with a smile. “Have a seat.”

Ye Wanwan and Li Xin sat down across from the man.

“Brother, this is my junior sister. She said she has a mission to issue and it’s a good price, so she wanted to talk to you,” Li Xin said to the man.

The man examined Ye Wanwan and aloofly said, “Junior Sister, my price isn’t cheap.”

Ye Wanwan gathered her emotions and smiled faintly. “Money isn’t a problem. As long as you can finish the mission I give you, you can list whatever price you want.”

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