Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1593 - Worriless Nie and Ye Wanwan (1)

Chapter 1593: Worriless Nie and Ye Wanwan (1)

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When Ye Wanwan entered the classroom, the middle-aged man at the podium instantly turned to her.

“You just enrolled. Why are you late already?” The middle-aged man frowned. “Remember to be on time next time.”

“Yes…” Ye Wanwan could only nod and agree.

The middle-aged man immediately had her sit in her designated seat.

The middle-aged man’s lessons were merely about the division of factions in the Independent State, the dangers of differently ranked missions, and the use of mercenary honor points.

Every time you finished a mission, you would obtain mercenary honor points which could help raise your mercenary rank on top of other uses.

Ye Wanwan listened carefully. She had been in the Independent State for a long time, but she hadn’t heard about the strict ranking hierarchy there until coming to Scarlet Flames Academy.

For example, if the Fearless Alliance was ranked by stars, it would be a five-star faction while Emperor Ji and Asura would be considered six-star factions.

As for the ancient clans and the Martial Arts Union, they could perhaps be elevated to seven stars.

After the lesson concluded, Ye Wanwan returned to her dormitory.

A moment later, many strange men and women poured into the room like a tidal wave.

Ye Wanwan glanced at them. There were about 12 people, half male and half female.

“Sh*t… that scared the hell out of me!” one of the young men exclaimed in shock after seeing Ye Wanwan on her bed.

“Junior Sister, isn’t your… heavy makeup too frightening…?” the other D-rank mercenaries questioned.

Ye Wanwan smiled faintly but didn’t reply.

There was only one old mercenary student in this dorm room, and the rest were new students.

Ye Wanwan listened to everyone’s introductions. Most of them were children from the Independent State’s patrician families.

“Junior Sister, what’s your name?” the man named Li Xin asked Ye Wanwan.

“Ye Wanwan,” Ye Wanwan answered truthfully.

“Ye Wanwan? Isn’t your grandpa’s surname ‘Liu’?” The man and woman in the neighboring bed looked perplexed.

This duo were no strangers. Their grandfather was the elder who made cutting remarks toward Elder Liu earlier that day.

The older brother was Zhou Tao and the younger sister was Zhou Fu.

“My mom’s surname is Ye,” Ye Wanwan replied.

“Heh. Ye Wanwan, I remember your grandfather is a member of the Fearless Alliance, right…? The Fearless Alliance isn’t anything good. You should advise your grandfather to leave the Fearless Alliance ASAP,” Zhou Tao said.

“Brother, her grandfather is so old; he’d probably starve to death if he left the Fearless Alliance, and he still has such an ugly granddaughter to raise.” Zhou Fu snorted.

Before Ye Wanwan could speak, Li Xin furrowed his brows. “Aren’t you too freaking rude? What the hell does her looks have to do with you? Do you think you’re good looking? Where does your superiority come from, huh, ugly woman?”

“What did you say?” Zhou Fu was enraged instantly and glared at Li Xin.

“What? You want to hit me? My older brother is a C-rank mercenary at this school! Why don’t you and your brother try hitting me? Come, come, come! Hit me on the head! Do I need to find a brick for you?” Li Xin was radiating arrogance.

“Forget it. Ignore this kind of person,” Zhou Tao interjected with a furrow of his brows.

Zhou Fu harshly glared at Li Xin but didn’t say anything more.

A C-rank mercenary wasn’t someone they could afford to offend right now…

“Enough arguing. We’re living with each other from now on and might have to leave our lives in each other’s protection one day. What’s there to argue about?” admonished the only senior mercenary in the dorm room.

Following his scolding, everyone else stayed silent.

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