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Chapter 1590 - S-rank mission

Chapter 1590: S-rank mission

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Ye Wanwan swore to the lamp that she’d immediately, this instant, become a high-ranking mercenary and live in big mansions and villas!

“Wanwan, this is only temporary. You were personally recommended by Emperor Ji, so I believe it’s only a matter of time before you become a high-ranking mercenary with your strength. At that time, you can live in a mansion, and high-level mercenaries like S-rank are also assigned a steward, servants, and training partner, along with a mansion…” the instructor said enigmatically.

“…” I’m going to become an S-rank mercenary!!!

“How do I become a high-ranked mercenary?”

“By finishing mercenary missions! Scarlet Flames Academy has a mission posting spot that issues missions from SS-rank to D-rank, and the higher the rank of the mission you finish and the more missions you finish, the faster you raise your rank,” the instructor explained.

The instructor didn’t wait for her to respond and continued, “You should familiarize yourself with your surroundings first. I’ll take my leave now. You can come find me in the instructors’ office if you have any questions.”

Then the instructor left.

Ye Wanwan didn’t linger either and exited the room.

Ye Wanwan saw a lot of young men and women with different colored uniforms as she walked through campus.

Ye Wanwan was a D-rank mercenary, so she was wearing a gray student uniform. S-rank mercenaries wore gold, A-ranks wore black, B-ranks wore white, C-ranks wore yellow, while D-ranks like Ye Wanwan wore gray.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but sigh at the distinct hierarchy inside mercenary academies. It was like a pyramid, and you had to use your strength to trade for anything you wanted to obtain. It was the most primitive rule and practice.

However, Ye Wanwan still hadn’t seen a single student wearing a gold uniform and only saw one A-rank mercenary.

Soon, she arrived at the mission issuance area.

There was a sea of people composed of mostly yellow-uniformed C-rank mercenaries and D-rank mercenaries with only a few mercenaries higher than C rank.

No one sent any odd looks at Ye Wanwan’s ugly appearance.

“Junior Sister, are you new here?”

While Ye Wanwan felt a bit lost, a gentle-sounding youth asked her with a smile.

The youth wore a yellow uniform, which meant he was a C-rank mercenary.

“Yeah,” Ye Wanwan replied.

“Alright, Junior Sister, I’m Han Yun. Let me introduce this place to you. We’re at the missions area, where there are mercenary missions from SS-rank to D-rank. D-rank missions are fairly simple while missions above D-rank have a risk of losing your life if you fail. I suggest you start with a D-rank mission to get used to things, Junior Sister,” the youth, Han Yun, said.

“Thank you. I understand.” Ye Wanwan smiled gratefully at Han Yun.

Then she turned to examine the mission board.

SS-rank mission: Destroy the Fearless Alliance and obtain 10,000 mercenary honor points.

S+-rank mission: Escort a token (High risk of being abducted by Asura and initiating a battle) and obtain 7000 mercenary honor points.

A-rank mission: Head to China and destroy the defected mercenary group. Obtain 5000 mercenary honor points.

S-rank mission: Obtain a personal ring belonging to Emperor Ji and obtain 10,000 mercenary honor points.

S-rank mission: Obtain a strand of hair from Lord Asura and obtain 10,000 mercenary honor points.

Ye Wanwan was dazed by the missions posted on the bulletin board and felt a little dizzy.

What the heck were the missions requiring you to obtain Emperor Ji’s ring and Lord Asura’s hair about…? How could they be S-rank missions and cause you to lose your life? Would they believe she could obtain those any time she wanted…?

Ye Wanwan was extremely curious about who issued a mission as strange as obtaining a strand of Lord Asura’s hair and why it still wasn’t revoked yet.

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