Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1580 - Who are you?

Chapter 1580: Who are you?

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“Go to Scarlet Flames Academy and report there?”

Ye Wanwan was startled. She originally thought she still had some time and didn’t expect the time to come so fast.

“Yes.” Ji Xiuran’s light chuckle was heard through the phone. “Go there sooner to avoid unnecessary complications.”

“Unnecessary complications…”

Ye Wanwan was speechless. Did she look like someone who liked to cause unnecessary complications?

“Alright, I understand… Um, is there anything else?” she asked.

“Don’t forget to bring the recommendation letter I gave you, and take more experts from the Fearless Alliance with you. The areas around the three great academies aren’t too peaceful. If you don’t find it troublesome, I can have Skeleton escort you,” Ji Xiuran instructed her gently.

Ye Wanwan automatically shook her head and hastily said, “No need for the trouble… I can gather some people when I’m back at the Fearless Alliance.”

“Okay. Contact me at any time if a problem arises.”

Then, Ji Xiuran hung up.

Ye Wanwan fell back onto her pillow and slept for a bit more. When she woke up again, she washed up and greeted Madam Nie good morning.

However, she didn’t mention she was going to enroll at Scarlet Flames Academy later.

The three great academies of the Independent State were a bit particular in that they maintained a neutral position. They didn’t offend any party but could offend any party at the same time.

The three great academies accepted mercenary missions from any country, including assassinating the heads of the four great clans. Even Emperor Ji and Lord Asura had their names featured in the charts of the three great academies. Aside from assassination missions, there were also many bizarre and peculiar missions.

Ye Wanwan even heard a Fearless Alliance higher-up mentioning that someone from a mercenary academy wanted a strand of Lord Asura’s hair. The mission had been posted for many years, but no one could finish it, so this mission had been raised to S+ level.

None of the factions in the Independent State liked the mercenary academies, but no one would offend them either.

If Ye Wanwan informed Madam Nie that she was heading to Scarlet Flames Academy, Madam Nie would probably object, so it would be better to just not mention it.

After leaving the Nie residence, Ye Wanwan drove back to the Fearless Alliance.

It was only after arriving at the Fearless Alliance that Ye Wanwan realized Big Dipper sent her a text telling her he was taking a day off to keep his mother company at the hospital.

Ye Wanwan didn’t mind. She took out her make-up and started messing with her face in front of a mirror inside the office.

About an hour later, Ye Wanwan nodded with satisfaction at her image in the mirror. This was perfect.

Her make-up guaranteed that even her real parents wouldn’t recognize who she was.

“Sis Feng…”

The office door was opened, and Seven Star entered expressionlessly while carrying a stack of documents.

As soon as Ye Wanwan turned around, Seven Star was taken back.

The duo blankly stared at each other in silence.

“Who are you?!”

Seven Star took a step forward, and his figure arrived in front of Ye Wanwan with a cold glint in his eyes like a ghost.

An extremely ugly woman actually sneaked into the office of the Fearless Alliance’s president?!

However, Ye Wanwan was immensely satisfied by Seven Star’s reaction. It appeared her make-up wasn’t bad indeed! Even Seven Star didn’t recognize her!

“What are you panicking about?!” Ye Wanwan asked with a frown.

Seven Star’s right hand, which was reaching for Ye Wanwan, froze in mid-air.

He didn’t recognize the face, but the voice was very familiar…

“Sis… Sis Feng?!”

Disbelief and shock were shooting out of Seven Star’s eyes as she stared at the ugly-looking Ye Wanwan.

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