Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1576 - Do you seriously believe this woman?

Chapter 1576: Do you seriously believe this woman?

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Ye Wanwan turned her head and pitifully looked at Madam Nie.

“Worriless Nie”‘s expression darkened. This woman seriously knew how to put on an act in front of Madam Nie!

What “Worriless Nie” found hardest to accept was that Madam Nie appeared to be wavering already. Did she really believe this woman’s bullsh*t?!

Madam Nie’s tone softened a little and sounded like an older relative talking to a younger relative. “If you are, you are. If you aren’t, you aren’t. Your auntie isn’t some narrow-minded and petty woman. You were merely in your teens when you provoked the Nie family back then. Your auntie acted wilder than you when I was your age. What’s there to hide?”

“Auntie Nie, I’m sorry…” Ye Wanwan sighed softly.

“Are you really sorry?” Madam Nie asked with a slight frown.

This girl’s pitiful look made her heart ache for some reason, and a lot of her previous anger was pacified.

Bro Flattop, the president of the Fearless Alliance, a devil-like woman who had a notorious reputation in the Independent State, was acting like a little girl who did something wrong in front of her…

“Bai Feng, the Fearless Alliance and the Nie family did have some animosities in the past, but thinking about it now, it’s been many years now. We’ll let bygones be bygones,” Madam Nie said a moment later.

Happiness flooded onto Ye Wanwan’s face, and she immediately asked, “Then are you still angry… Auntie Nie…?”

After a moment of contemplation, Madam Nie said, “I’ll forgive you this time.”

Nie Linglong icily looked at Ye Wanwan but didn’t say anything.


“Worriless Nie” walked forward and stopped next to Madam Nie. “Mom, do you seriously believe this woman… She intentionally concealed her identity and approached the Nie family; she must have some secret she’s hiding!”

Madam Nie looked at “Worriless Nie” and said, “Worriless, Bai Feng didn’t truly conceal her identity. Your brother knew her identity.”

“Um…” “Worriless Nie” ground her teeth in anger.

Madam Nie was still furious earlier but now spoke on this woman’s behalf after listening to her nonsense!

A frightening, cold glint sparkled in “Worriless Nie”‘s eyes. Did this woman think she was fine now…? She would definitely make Madam Nie personally kick this woman out!!!

“Bai Feng,” Madam Nie called.

“Auntie Nie, keep calling me Wanwan… I’m more accustomed to that,” Ye Wanwan said with a smile.

“Alright. Wanwan… did you consider what I mentioned last time about adopting you as my foster daughter?” Madam Nie asked.

Ye Wanwan was surprised. She didn’t expect Madam Nie to want to adopt her as a foster daughter as soon as she pacified her anger.

It wasn’t difficult for Ye Wanwan to tell that Madam Nie truly liked her…

“Mom… How could you be so rash… She’s President Fearless! Back then, the Fearless Alliance wasn’t friendly toward the Nie family. She’s President Fearless, so she must have ulterior motives for approaching the Nie family,” “Worriless Nie” hastily said upon hearing Madam Nie’s words.

“Worriless,” Madam Nie looked at her “daughter” and asked with a frown, “What’s going on with you? I know what I’m doing.”

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