Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1566 - To reduce the heat

Chapter 1566: To reduce the heat

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“Brew some tea? Okay…”

Ye Wanwan headed to the living room. Moments later, she was sitting by the coffee table and pouring a cup of tea for Ji Xiuran.

Ji Xiuran drank the cup of tea in one gulp.

“Why… are you drinking tea in the middle of the night?” Ye Wanwan looked confused.

“To reduce the heat,” Ji Xiuran replied with a calm smile.

Ye Wanwan: “…” Can you stop smiling…? It’d be good if you got angry… Why do I feel so scared…?

“Xiuran, let me explain. What happened today isn’t what you think. Lord Asura came because… because… right, he came to discuss a collaboration with me!” Ye Wanwan said confidently.

However, Ji Xiuran didn’t entertain her topic and said with a detached smile, “An instructor at Scarlet Flames Academy owes me a favor. I talked to him a few days ago, so you can go to Scarlet Flames Academy.”

“Go to Scarlet Flames Academy?”

Ye Wanwan was baffled. Weren’t we talking about my situation with Lord Asura? Why did Scarlet Flames Academy suddenly come up…?

Moreover, why does Ji Xiuran want me to go to Scarlet Flames Academy for no reason? To be an instructor?

“Xiuran, why am I going to Scarlet Flames Academy?” Ye Wanwan didn’t understand.

“Just go,” Ji Xiuran replied with a smile.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

She did have plans to go to Scarlet Flames Academy though.

If that headmaster was willing to help her, perhaps she could recover her memories.

However, she was the president of the Fearless Alliance, and with Scarlet Flames Academy’s temperament, there was no way they’d like the Fearless Alliance, not to even mention whether their headmaster would assist her.

“This is the recommendation letter. Just show them my recommendation letter after you arrive at Scarlet Flames Academy.” Ji Xiuran took out a letter from somewhere and handed it to Ye Wanwan.

“Alright then…” Ye Wanwan accepted the letter.

Although she didn’t know what Ji Xiuran intended, she wanted to go to Scarlet Flames Academy. She was just worried she wouldn’t be able to go! Ji Xiuran was too considerate!

“What identity am I using to go to Scarlet Flames Academy?” Ye Wanwan asked with curiosity.

“A new student,” he answered.

“…” A student again?! I’m already tired of the student life, alright?! I don’t want to go to school again unless I’m a teacher!

“Xiuran, you want the president of the Fearless Alliance to go to Scarlet Flames Academy as a student?” Ye Wanwan stared at Ji Xiuran. “I’m fine with that but… I’m afraid the entire Fearless Alliance, from the members to the higher-ups, wouldn’t accept it… How about you let me go there as an instructor or teacher or something…?”

Ji Xiuran shook his head. “All the instructors at Scarlet Flames Academy were promoted from within the academy itself. It would be very difficult for me—let alone you—to become an instructor at one of the three great academies. Also, you don’t need to go as the president of the Fearless Alliance. You just need to adopt an alias.”

Ye Wanwan: “…” Adopting another alias…?

“Ah, I suddenly remember! It’s really busy at the Fearless Alliance lately!” Ye Wanwan hastily exclaimed.

“Oh?” Ji Xiuran stared at Ye Wanwan meaningfully. “Since it’s like that, why don’t we talk about your relationship with Lord Asura?”

As soon as Ji Xiuran said that, Ye Wanwan smiled. “Xiuran… Actually, I wanted to experience Scarlet Flames Academy for myself for quite some time now… I’ll definitely go.”

“En.” Ji Xiuran nodded lightly.

“…” Fine, Ji Xiuran, you’re crueler!

“It’s late now, so I won’t keep you anymore. Sleep soon.” Ji Xiuran stood up airily and turned to leave after bidding Ye Wanwan farewell.

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