Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1557 - Flutter through a flower field

Chapter 1557: Flutter through a flower field

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Ye Wanwan gritted her teeth before beaming and replying, “You’re right. I’m whole-heartedly devoted to Emperor Ji. Even if I fluttered through a flower field, my heart still won’t change.”

“However, how am I acting unnecessarily? You’re Lord Asura after all, so I’d live without any regrets if I could sleep with you once even if it doesn’t cure the gu!”

The icy light in the man’s eyes exploded almost instantly, and he stared at her as though he wanted to devour her whole.

Every word she spoke treated Ji Xiuran as an adored god that she could watch from afar but couldn’t touch obscenely while he was a “flower field” that she could hunt in her leisure time…

Did she do everything she once did to him with the intention of hunting a beautiful man…?

What about back then…?

Was this also why she pretended to be a minor leader of the Fearless Alliance, infiltrated Asura, and got close to him in every way possible?

Which was why she disappeared without a trace after sleeping with him…

When he thought up to this point, he felt like his heart was being torn apart and his entire body was burning in a raging inferno.

Ye Wanwan watched as his gaze became increasingly terrifying and his face turned increasingly pallid. She probably angered him to his limit this time. If this was in the past, she wouldn’t have dared to utter such suicidal words, but this was a pressing time.

Every method she employed was useless, so she had to resort to extreme methods.

Outside the door, the winds howled and whistled.

Thud, thud, thud.

The sound of knocking abruptly rang alongside the winds.

This late? Who’s knocking?

It was a crucial moment right now, and the man was about to expose a flaw. Ye Wanwan naturally couldn’t give up halfway, so she ignored the knocking.

However, the knocking persisted rhythmically. Ye Wanwan decisively ignored it and was about to add some fuel and provoke him some more when a male voice was heard outside the door.

“Xiao Feng? Are you home?”


Ji Xiuran!

Ye Wanwan flopped up like a fish out of water and accidentally knocked over a cup on the coffee table, creating a piercing, shattering sound.


Why did Ji Xiuran suddenly come over at this kind of time?! Seriously!

Perhaps since he heard the sound of a cup breaking, Ji Xiuran’s knocking and voice turned more urgent. “Xiao Feng, are you okay?”

Ye Wanwan’s back stiffened, and she spun around in circles anxiously. “Lord Asura, hurry and hide!”

Ji Xiuran sounded like he thought something happened to her and was about to break the door down. He was on the verge of entering, so it would be too late even if they left through the back door.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes scanned the living room and caught a gigantic cabinet on the side. She was about to say something when Ji Xiuran called again.

“Xiao Feng?!”

“Ah! I’m fine, I’m fine! Why did you come here so late? Did something happen?” Ye Wanwan hastily yelled.

At the same time, Ye Wanwan urged the man on the sofa. “Quick, quick, quick!”

A layer of frost spread across the man’s face as he watched Ye Wanwan’s panicked and anxious appearance. He languidly sat up and nonchalantly fastened two of the buttons on his shirt before sitting up motionlessly.

F*ck! Didn’t karma come too quickly?!

Ye Wanwan wanted to bawl. She plopped down on her knees in front of the sofa and laid her head against the man’s knees, her eyes teary and her voice soft beyond imagination. “Lord Asura, please, please! I won’t forget your great kindness for the rest of my life!”

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