Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1549 - Who should I help?

Chapter 1549: Who should I help?

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Ye Wanwan looked bewildered as she sat in the VIP seats. With the current situation, should I go help… Ji Xiuran?

She was Ji Xiuran’s fiancée in name… It might be unrelated to her and Bro Flattop’s business whether it was an underground or public relationship, but wasn’t she currently acting as Bro Flattop…?

If she didn’t help Ji Xiuran, it would be hard to justify…

However, in a match between top experts like Ji Xiuran and Lord Asura, she’d probably do more harm than good if she approached them. It also didn’t seem too realistic for her to pull them apart… It’d be best if she did nothing.

Nie Linglong expressionlessly swept her eyes across the venue.

This development at the Shen family’s banquet this time was rather unexpected. Emperor Ji actually started fighting with Lord Asura…

“Linglong… If you want to gain dominance over the Independent State, Ye Wanwan must die,” “Worriless Nie,” who was standing in front of Nie Linglong, said quietly.

Nie Linglong glanced at “Worriless Nie.” “Do you think that piece of trash can stop me?”

“Worriless Nie” turned pensive.

“Worriless Nie” was fully aware of Nie Linglong’s ambitions. She wanted to dominate the entire Independent State and stomp everything beneath her feet!

“I suddenly think Worriless Nie is living very pitifully after she lost her memories. She’s living in this world like a clown, and when we’re bored, we can come and watch this clown’s clumsy performance. Isn’t that delightful?” Nie Linglong chuckled softly. “Say, isn’t it more interesting to watch her live as someone else without any memories than to let her die?”

“Linglong, didn’t you want to kill her?” asked “Worriless Nie.”

Nie Linglong smiled frostily. “Is Worriless Nie worthy of attracting my attention… or is she worthy of making me attack?”

She added, “Even if she regained her memories, Worriless Nie, in my eyes… is nothing.”

“Heh… Of course. Who does Worriless Nie think she is? She doesn’t deserve even a glance from you, Linglong,” “Worriless Nie” said with a snort.

Neither the Nie family nor the Independent State knew how terrifying the current Nie Linglong was, but she knew it clearly.

Nie Linglong might deem Ye Wanwan beneath her, but “Worriless Nie” wanted Ye Wanwan to die without a burial place.

She was Worriless Nie now. Worriless Nie’s everything belonged to her, including… Ji Xiuran!

Ye Wanwan was unworthy of gaining Ji Xiuran’s favor and intimacy. More than that, she was unworthy of taking a single step inside the Nie residence!

“Heh…” “Worriless Nie” lips turned up with an icy smile as she stared at Ye Wanwan in the VIP seats. Does she really think she’s President Fearless…?

Allowing her to jump around two more days wasn’t a big deal.

After the banquet ended, she would personally send people to the Fearless Alliance to expose Ye Wanwan’s identity. At that time, she wouldn’t need to do anything and could watch Ye Wanwan die miserably!

Before “Worriless Nie” could get any further in her thoughts, waves of explosions were heard in front of her.

Emperor Ji and Lord Asura’s fight didn’t cease at all and continued without a hitch.

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