Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1538 - Uninterested in this man

Chapter 1538: Uninterested in this man

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Ye Wanwan’s reaction was also lightning fast. With a flutter of her dress and a slight tilt of her body, she instinctively dodged it.

“How dare you dodge it?!” The woman pointed at Ye Wanwan, fuming with rage.

Ji Xiuran and Si Yehan’s gazes turned to them simultaneously.

“What do you mean?” Ye Wanwan coldly asked while frigidly looking at the woman.

“Ah, Xiao Wei, forget it… I was wrong, okay? Let’s forget about this matter, and we won’t ever mention it again…” The man grasped the woman’s shoulders, looking like he wanted to keep the peace.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Ye Wanwan and the newcomers immediately.

Ye Wanwan was baffled. There was something wrong with this couple, right…? Or did they escape from the insane asylum?

“What happened?”

“I don’t know…”

Everyone looked curious as they quietly discussed this scene.

“Forget it?” The woman snorted while glowering at the man. “What? You want to protect this slutty b*tch after cheating on me on the outside? Hm?”

“Don’t… We’re in public. Let’s talk about it after we get home… I’ll apologize to you…” the man said.

“Sure… Then let’s break up.” The woman glanced at the man.

The man frantically shook his head. “Xiao Wei, I was wrong… But it’s really not my fault”—he pointed at Ye Wanwan—”It was all her! She’s the one who seduced me… I’m telling you. This woman took a fancy to my money… I was just playing with her and definitely don’t feel anything for her… Xiao Wei, how could she compare to you?!”

“Play?” The woman snorted. “You spent quite a lot of money with your ‘playing’…”

“Not much… I gave her a sum of money… and broke all relations with her…” the man hastily replied.

An uproar reverberated through the crowd. So the fiancée was catching the mistress?

“Isn’t this man the eldest young master of the Hang family…? That girl is the eldest miss of the Sun family. They just got engaged…”

“So Eldest Young Master Hang kept a mistress on the outside but was discovered by Eldest Miss Sun?”

“So that woman is the mistress who seduced Eldest Young Master Hang…”

Discussion flew everywhere as everyone talked all at once.

Ye Wanwan glanced at the couple. She was somewhat bewildered earlier but now understood what they were saying.

Were these two people serious? Did they have some misunderstanding, or were they… under someone’s direction?

“D*mn b*tch, who do you think you are? How dare you seduce my man?! I’m definitely gonna destroy your face beyond repair today!” Eldest Miss Sun harshly shouted while glaring at Ye Wanwan.

Amongst the guests, Lord Asura glanced at Eldest Young Master Sun then looked away without any abnormalities.

“Xiao Wei… I’ll support whatever you do… I was wrong. I was just bewitched by this woman. She’s an expert… Seducing me like that… So I accidentally turned impulsive and lost my rationality… and committed a wrong…” Eldest Young Master Hang kept sighing.

“B*tch, kneel down!” Eldest Miss Sun shouted furiously.

Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up, and she snorted. “Pft… Say, you can’t even manage your man, but you want to come here and blame other people for seducing your man…”

“What did you say?” Eldest Miss Sun questioned frostily.

“Unfortunately… I’m seriously uninterested in this man… Do you have the wrong person?” Ye Wanwan asked with raised brows.

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