Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1536 - If they wanted to play, she could stay to the end

Chapter 1536: If they wanted to play, she could stay to the end

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“Alright, enough.” Nie Linglong shook her head at the socialites.

“Ah… Linglong, you’re simply too naive,” a socialite said.

Ye Wanwan glanced at them. She didn’t want to cause trouble, but it didn’t mean she was afraid of getting into trouble. If they wanted to play, she could stay to the end.

“How did this kind of person enter the Shen family’s banquet?” A socialite wearing a red gown frowned and asked, “She couldn’t have possibly sneaked in with the intention of seducing someone’s man, right?”

“Heh, since you mentioned it, this woman does have a nice face,” another socialite said with a snort while looking at Ye Wanwan.

“Is that even a question? She must’ve snuck in.” The socialite in a red gown instantly stopped a male server from the Shen family that passed in front of her.

“Honorable lady, is there something I can assist you with?” the Shen server inquired with a light chuckle.

“Did this woman secretly sneak inside?” The red-gowned woman pointed at Ye Wanwan.

The Shen server turned to Ye Wanwan instantly.

“Honorable lady… apologies, but can you please show me your invitation?” he asked her.

“Of course.” Ye Wanwan took out a banquet invitation from her purse.

The Shen server accepted the invitation and glanced at it before returning it to Ye Wanwan with great respect. “Honorable lady, my sincere apologies, I’ve disturbed you. I’ve confirmed that you’re an honorable guest personally invited by Eldest Young Master Shen.”

Nie Linglong glanced at the red-gowned woman with displeasure.

What kind of place was the Shen residence? How could someone without an invitation sneak in there so easily?

That day, Nie Linglong personally witnessed Eldest Young Master Shen hand an invitation to Ye Wanwan at the Nie residence.

Ye Wanwan suddenly said to the Shen server, “I suspect these people don’t have an invitation. You should review them.”

The Shen server nodded lightly and turned to the red-gowned woman. “Honorable lady, please show me your invitation.”

“What did you say?” The red-gowned woman raised her eyebrows. “Don’t you recognize me?!”

“Apologies, this is my duty. Please show me your invitation,” the Shen server repeated with a cordial smile.

The red-gowned woman immediately took out an invitation from her purse and harshly threw it at the man. “Look at it carefully!”

After the Shen server validated the invitation, he returned the invitation to her.

“Heh…” The red-gowned woman released a bone-chilling chuckle while staring at Ye Wanwan.

Nearby, Ji Xiuran had a faint smile on his face as he occasionally glanced in Ye Wanwan’s direction.

Across from him, a terrifyingly icy glint surfaced in Lord Asura’s eyes when he saw how Ji Xiuran kept glancing at her.

“Enough, Wanwan, this is all a misunderstanding. Don’t worry about it,” Nie Linglong said to Ye Wanwan with a smile.

“I forgive them,” Ye Wanwan replied.

Then Nie Linglong and “Worriless Nie” quickly led the socialites away from her.

After they reached a corner, the red-gowned woman was furiously gnashing her teeth. “Who does that d*mn b*tch think she is… I’ll absolutely make her die miserably!”

A socialite turned to Nie Linglong and began, “Third Miss… how about…”

Nie Linglong’s face shifted and before the socialite could react, a crisp “slap” rang.

Nie Linglong had back-handed the socialite’s face without any mercy.

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