Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1528 - Very beautiful

Chapter 1528: Very beautiful

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The women around Ye Wanwan froze in their spots and turned to Ye Wanwan incredulously.

They originally thought this woman was the same as them… Who would’ve expected her to be an honored guest invited by the Shen family?!

More than that, she knew Emperor Ji, and Lord Asura called her President Bai Feng…

Bai Feng… the leader of the Independent State’s Fearless Alliance…

Sis Zhou looked terrified and ghastly pale. What did she do to Bro Flattop of the Fearless Alliance…?

“President… President Bai… I… just now, I…” Sis Zhou’s voice was brimming with panic and distress.

However, before Sis Zhou could finish speaking, Ye Wanwan walked forward with the Shen group without looking back, as though she didn’t hear her.

An uproar erupted after the group walked into the distance.

“My god… That woman is the founder of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop, Bai Feng!”

“Rumors say Bro Flattop kills people without blinking, and there aren’t any factions who are willing to offend her easily…”

“I didn’t expect Bai Feng to be so young. I originally thought Bai Feng was vicious and malicious looking with a body full of muscles… This doesn’t match at all…”

This woman wearing a white dress with high heels, who was as beautiful as blooming begonias, was actually… actually Bro Flattop…

Some nearby socialites turned to Sis Zhou and her group and snorted. “Miss Zhou, what are you afraid of? What level and status is Bai Feng, the president of the Fearless Alliance? Why would she seek retribution from you? She probably thought you were air the entire time…”

“That’s right. She’s suicidal, putting on airs so haughtily without knowing the other person’s identity. She thinks she’s all that, but even the entire Zhou family would bow and scrape if they met a member of the Fearless Alliance. Yet, Miss Zhou dared to yell at President Fearless like that. Is she asking for death?”

“Heh… Bai Feng is a ferocious beast—a tiger. How could you possibly focus on a dog…? Don’t be so delusional and think President Bai Feng would seek revenge from you… How ridiculous.”

Sis Zhou’s expression shifted again and again as she listened to the ridicule from the socialites around her but couldn’t rebut anything.

At the same time, the hosts of the Shen family led Ye Wanwan, Ji Xiuran, and Lord Asura toward the Shen residence. They didn’t talk much on the way there.

The three of them walked side by side, and Ye Wanwan naturally walked next to Ji Xiuran, obviously showcasing who she was familiar and unfamiliar with.

“Xiao Feng, you should come home for a meal when you’re free,” Ji Xiuran said with a light chuckle.

Ye Wanwan was startled briefly and nodded in agreement. “Sure!”

Lord Asura’s frosty eyes swept over Ji Xiuran.

Akin to a light breeze running over the surface of the ocean, Ji Xiuran’s light-colored eyes turned to look at the girl, who was dressed in a completely different style than before.

Ye Wanwan turned to look at him when she detected his gaze. “What?”

Ji Xiuran examined the girl. “Your attire today…”

Ye Wanwan raised her brows. “What? Is it really strange?”

Ji Xiuran replied, “It’s very beautiful.”

“Right? I also think so!” Ye Wanwan nodded in satisfaction.

She didn’t believe there were men who weren’t suckers for dainty and fragile flowers! At least Si Yehan would gulp up this act. Back then, she just needed to feign some delicacy and weakness, and her pacification would double in effect!

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