Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1509 - Fight to the death

Chapter 1509: Fight to the death

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“Right, look at our Sister Famous’ face! Her face is full of protein! She’s Seventh Fairy herself!” Nameless Nie agreed enthusiastically.

Spray of Flowers: “Captain… That’s not protein… it’s collagen…”

Iceberg man: “…?”

Ye Wanwan felt both mentally and physically exhausted as she watched this group of idiots in front of her. Where’s Baby Tangtang? She needed some healing…

“Boss Famous, don’t worry! Two-legged toads are hard to find, but two-legged men are a piece of cake… If Boss Famous doesn’t have the experience, let me teach you…” Spray of Flowers said to Ye Wanwan with a smile.

“…” No thanks…

“D*mn ladyboy, scram to the side. You’re disgusting!” Brick-moving Foreigner glanced at Spray of Flowers.

“Are you freaking discriminating against this madam’s gender?!” Spray of Flowers cursed while pointing at Brick-moving Foreigner.

Ye Wanwan was uninterested in paying attention to Spray of Flowers and his cohort any longer, so she turned to Nameless Nie and asked, “Where’s Tangtang?”

“Don’t be in such a hurry! Tangtang isn’t back yet. Let me show you around first. My house is giant, so follow me and don’t get lost!” Nameless Nie said while beaming.

“…” Your flaunting is too freaking obvious!

Ye Wanwan was forced to trail behind Nameless Nie and stroll around the supposedly giant estate. Meanwhile, Spray of Flowers, Taoist Devotee, and the others seemed to have started fighting.

Nameless Nie, the captain, merely left behind the sentence, “Fight to the death.”

A moment later, Ye Wanwan followed Nameless Nie into a room near the living room.

“Mom, where are you?!”

Nameless Nie shouted as he entered the house.

“Did you lose your soul?”

Shortly after, an elegant and poised woman walked out of the living room.

This woman was the madam of the Nie family, Nameless Nie’s mother.

Madam Nie looked like she was only in her 30s and seriously didn’t match her real age, showing how well she took care of herself.

Madam Nie first glanced at Nameless Nie before turning to Ye Wanwan.

This single look caused Madam Nie to shudder. For some reason, this familiar-looking girl caused an inexplicable closeness to blossom inside of her.

“This is…?” Madam Nie asked.

“Mom, she’s Ye Wanwan. She’s the one who looked after Tangtang in China,” Nameless Nie explained.

Madam Nie was startled briefly. No wonder she found this girl familiar-looking just now; it turned out she had seen this girl before in a video call…

However, when she saw Ye Wanwan in person, her previous dislike dissipated into smoke. For some reason, she liked this girl the more she looked at her…

“Hello, auntie… It’s my first time visiting, so here are some minor things from me.” Ye Wanwan quickly went up and gave the present prepared by Seven Star to Madam Nie.

“You’re very kind.” Madam Nie nodded at Ye Wanwan with a smile.

“Mom, take a look to see what it is!” Nameless Nie urged.

Madam Nie’s brows furrowed. Who opens presents in front of a guest?

Before Madam Nie could say anything, Nameless Nie snatched the present and opened it in front of them.

When the sparkling jewels, jade, and gold objects in the box were revealed, Ye Wanwan herself was taken back, let alone Nameless Nie.

She came in a hurry, so she didn’t look at the presents Seven Star prepared beforehand.

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