Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1491 - What? Old but vigorous?

Chapter 1491: What? Old but vigorous?

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“President, there’s something this subordinate doesn’t understand.” Third Elder Li Si walked toward Ye Wanwan and asked with confusion, “Why did you allow Ling Huo to leave today, President?”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Third Elder. She didn’t have any bad blood with the buzz-cut man—whether it was the past or present—so what use did she have for his life?

Of course, Ye Wanwan kept that to herself. “I have my reasons for releasing him.”

Third Elder turned pensive for a moment before giving her a giant thumbs up and reverently saying, “I knew you didn’t release him for a simple reason, President… The President is indeed the President. Your foresight is absolutely brilliant!”

Ye Wanwan was baffled as she looked at Li Si. What did I say? Isn’t Li Si’s flattery a bit…

Moreover, he clearly had a vicious personality but suddenly made a turnaround. His familiarity made her feel like he was about to plaster his face to her. I find it rather creepy, okay?

She truly missed the old Li Si…

After leaving the dungeon, Ye Wanwan wanted to ask Big Dipper what happened after she got drunk along with the situation regarding Ling Huo and his Ironhead Gang.

However, she realized it was difficult to ask. If she asked directly, she was afraid other people would get suspicious, but if she asked covertly, Big Dipper probably wouldn’t understand her. If he didn’t understand her, it would be hard to get any information out of him.

Ye Wanwan strongly believed she had to have done something after getting drunk that caused all the Fearless Alliance’s higher-ups to change their attitudes toward her. Otherwise, there was no way they’d staunchly believe she was President Fearless for no reason…

Regardless of what happened after she got drunk, it was a good thing these higher-ups didn’t doubt her identity anymore.

Ye Wawan was still curious about what she did while drunk that caused these old geezers who plotted to kill her to become so complacent and obedient. Could she really be the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng?

Before Ye Wanwan could ponder over it anymore, her phone started ringing.

Ye Wanwan glanced at her phone. It was Nameless Nie calling.

“Haha, Boss Famous, how are you doing?” Nameless Nie’s laughter resounded from the phone.

“Fine, not dead yet,” Ye Wanwan snapped.

Nameless Nie was seriously too good at digging pits! If it weren’t for him eating from both ends, would she have been poisoned by some love gu?!

“Boss Famous, you’re old but vigorous, so how could you be dead!” Nameless Nie replied hurriedly.

What? Old but vigorous?!

“Sister Famous Ye, I’m at the place we met last time! Come quickly; I won’t leave until I see you!” Nameless Nie didn’t give Ye Wanwan a chance to respond before swiftly hanging up the phone.

“Then wait patiently,” Ye Wanwan muttered between gritted teeth while glaring at her phone.

Ye Wanwan called Big Dipper over and played a game of Fight the Landlord. Only after winning all the cash on Big Dipper’s body did she contently head to the meeting place with Nameless Nie.

Several hours later, Ye Wanwan finally entered the teahouse and immediately saw Nameless Nie sitting at the table in the corner.

Nameless Nie quickly stood up. “D*mn… Boss Famous, aren’t you too good at digging pits… You’re finally here! You didn’t pick up any of my calls.”

Ye Wanwan didn’t respond. She sat down and drank a cup of tea before looking at Nameless Nie and languidly saying, “No matter how good I am at digging pits… I’m still not as good as your esteemed self.”

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