Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1484 - You’re back

Chapter 1484: You’re back

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He had never believed this woman was President Fearless… Her manner of speech and behavior and her appearance were different than that of the true president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng… Also, she’d never showcased her strength…

Hence, nearly all the higher-ups thought Ye Wanwan was fake. Some of them even agreed that whoever first found solid evidence that proved this woman was pretending to the president could ascend the throne to become the next president of the Fearless Alliance…

Now, most of the higher-ups were emotionally staring at Ye Wanwan, joy and excitement evident in their expressions.

“P-president!” Second Elder knelt in front of Ye Wanwan with a plop.

“President… It’s really President!”

The higher-ups were rather incoherent in their speech.

The president of the Fearless Alliance had been missing for many years. No one expected her to actually return one day.

Third Elder collapsed on the ground while staring at Ye Wanwan. It’s over… What did I do to the president…

“President, you’re really back…” Another elder knelt next to Ye Wanwan, tears streaming down his face.

During these years without Bai Feng, the Fearless Alliance lost its former glory, and the factions that used to kneel by the Fearless Alliance’s feet now dared to sneer at the Fearless Alliance.

If the president didn’t disappear back then, the current Fearless Alliance wouldn’t have deteriorated to this extent. Aside from the external situation, the Fearless Alliance was also severely fractured internally and had separated into several major camps that minded their own business…

“Ah, President Fearless, we were idiots… We didn’t recognize you, President Fearless… We even thought you were fake… and wanted to find proof that you were a pretender…” A certain elder looked embarrassingly ashamed.

The higher-ups in Third Elder Li Si’s camp all looked at each other blankly, sweat dripping from their foreheads, not daring to breathe loudly.

They hadn’t respected the president the entire time since she returned and offended her many times in their speech… Were they… done for?!

“You actually still suspect Sis Feng? I already said Sis Feng wasn’t fake,” Big Dipper mocked with a snort after listening to them.

Seven Star shook his head. He couldn’t blame them. After all, the president’s return was too coincidental; even he suspected her many times.

Ye Wanwan didn’t grace them with a single glance and merely yawned before languidly turning around and re-entering her office.

“President… What should we do… with Ling Huo and his group…?” a higher-up asked, but Ye Wanwan didn’t respond at all.

In the end, the higher-ups had no choice but to lock Ling Huo and the Ironhead Gang members into the Fearless Alliance’s dungeon.

After relaying the orders, the higher-ups entered Ye Wanwan’s office but saw her sitting in her chair, sound asleep.

“What’s the president doing?” A higher-up looked confused. Could it be that the president was too exhausted from fighting with Ling Huo?

“Sis Feng’s drunk,” Seven Star replied.


Everyone present was taken back.

No wonder the strong smell of alcohol lingered on Ye Wanwan’s body. It was just that Ling Huo’s appearance sent everyone into chaos, so they didn’t notice this earlier.

“Nonsense, how could you allow the president to drink so much alcohol?! What would we do if the president lost to Ling Huo or got injured because she was drunk?!” an elder harshly admonished Big Dipper.

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