Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 147: Speechless

Chapter 147: Speechless

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"No," There was no room for negotiation with the way Si Ye Han responded.

Ye Wanwan was unconvinced, "Why not?"

Si Ye Han looked at her indifferently and replied, "Forced love doesn't last."

Ye Wanwan was speechless, "..."

She simply couldn't refute that!

She never expected that one day she'd be slapped in the face by something she said herself.

"Fine!" Ye Wanwan glared at Si Ye Han like he was a bad person and then ran away in a huff.

One day, she'd turn Great White into a sweet melon! She believed she could do it!

After Ye Wanwan left, Xu Yi sighed worriedly, "9th master, should we ban Si Lu Te from Jin garden? What if it harms Ms Ye?"

Si Ye Han thought about it and looked in the direction of her retreating figure, "No need."


At the barbeque stall outside the entrance of Qing He:

It was already late at night but the stall was still buzzing with people. A group of big burly boys sat around a big table and were drinking and chatting.

"Big boss, don't be angry! That gigolo isn't worth it! His family is only powerful now. Lately, the real estate business hasn't been doing so well so they might go bust someday! Unlike your family, big boss, they don't have a big project with the government! That's billions in profit!"

"That's right, that's right! That Jiang Yan Ran's a bimbo, leaving such an outstanding guy like big boss for a gigolo!"

"I think Jiang Yan Ran's just using that gigolo to provoke you!"

"Yes, yes, yes, that must be it!"

Song Zi Hang had been filled with anger all the way from the basketball court to the stall, but after he heard all this, he was slightly appeased.

Just as he was about to speak, his phone rang, "My dad's calling, I'm going to answer it. You guys go ahead and drink first!"

"A call from Director Song, you better get it!"

"Hurry and go, big boss!"

Song Zi Hang took his phone to a quiet spot, his tone somewhat excited, "Hello, dad? Is everything settled?"

Daddy Song sounded a little unhappy, "Not yet, the 100 million from the Jiang family hasn't come through."

"What? Hasn't come through? I thought they said that they'd transfer it in the morning?" Song Zi Hang's face changed.

"The Jiang family said there were some problems with their finances all of a sudden and couldn't transfer the money over; they'll need a few more days."

"The Jiangs are too unreliable--we discussed this months ago. How can there be a problem now? Do they know how much losses we would take because of their mistake?" Song Zi Hang said, agitated.

Mr Song was obviously unhappy as well as he replied with a heavy sigh, "Alright, it's not a major problem. We'll get their payment by next week at the latest."

Mr Song paused and then asked, "How are things between you and Yan Ran lately?"

Song Zi Hang felt slightly guilty and simply gave a shallow reply, "How else could it be, everything's the same!"

Mr Song warned him sternly, "Make her happy in your free time--buy little gifts for her and shop with her. Don't be so nonchalant!"

Song Zi Hang's tone suddenly became a bit annoyed, "I'm not the Jiang family's servant, why should I give in to her, coax her or eat and play with her? Anyway, dad, I've already told you that I like someone else."

"Nonsense! I've told you so many times that now is not the time for you to do what you want, you have to restrain yourself in times like this! Wait till our family becomes more powerful first. Then, wouldn't you be able to have any girl you wanted?

If you can't even restrain yourself for such a small matter now, what can you accomplish in the future? You have to make Yan Ran happy, especially now! You hear me?"

Song Zi Hang's face darkened. After a long while, he gritted his teeth and replied, "Got it, I'll make her happy."

"That's my boy."

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