Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1466 - The first person she had intimate contact with

Chapter 1466: The first person she had intimate contact with

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Ye Wanwan felt dizzy. “Um, wait, you said the mother gu is inside the girl while the child gu is inside the man, but am I not the only one poisoned by gu? So where’s the child gu?”

The white-haired elderly man replied, “You’d have to ask yourself where the child gu is, President Bai. Who did you cast it to?”

Ye Wanwan was aghast. “Ask myself? How would I know who I cast it to?! I didn’t cast it to anyone!”


Ye Wanwan’s expression abruptly changed.

After coming to the Yuan residence, only two people were poisoned by gu. Aside from herself, the other person was… Patriarch Yuan!

It freaking couldn’t be… couldn’t be Patriarch Yuan, right… Moreover, Patriarch Yuan was freaking dead already!

Sweat seeped out of Ye Wanwan’s forehead. If it really was Patriarch Yuan, she would rather die!

“She was the one who got cast by gu,” Emperor Ji explained.

Elder Qi pondered over it for a long while before discovering the cause. “So it’s like that… President Bai, your situation is a bit complicated. The gu inside your body probably was mutually-in-love gu at first, which is a mutation of love gu, but due to some unknown accident, the mutually-in-love gu successfully transformed into love gu after entering your body…”

“Transformed into love gu?” Ye Wanwan repeated.

“That’s right. You can interpret it as… an evolution… It’s a rare situation, but it’s not completely unheard of.”

Ye Wanwan wore an “FML” expression. That’s a thing?

Could I be any more unlucky?

The elderly man continued, “The moment the mutually-in-love gu successfully evolves into love gu, it breaks into mother and child gu. The mother gu would stay inside your body while the child gu would enter the body of the first man you have intimate contact with. When I examined your pulse just now, President, your body only contains mother gu, so you must’ve cast the child gu to someone else already.”

Ye Wanwan gulped. “The body of… the first man I have intimate contact with…?”

Well, the only good news was that it probably wasn’t Patriarch Yuan since she didn’t even touch him once!

The elderly man replied, “That’s right. So can you please try to remember if there was someone you had intimate contact with during this period of time, President? Then we’ll know whose body contains the child gu.”

Everyone’s gazes landed on Ye Wanwan.

Autumn Water pressed urgently, “Xiao Feng, who did you have intimate contact with…?”

Ye Wanwan rubbed her head. “Hold on, let me confirm something first. Elderly sir, what degree of intimacy are you referring to when you say intimate contact? Don’t tell me that a mere kiss would cast the gu onto someone?”

The elderly man nodded. “You can. You can transmit it through saliva.”

“…” Ye Wanwan held her head speechlessly, looking like she was on the brink of a breakdown.

Emperor Ji’s eyes glinted, and he imperceptibly glanced at the man next to Ye Wanwan.

“Xiao Feng, just who is it?! Who did you cast the child gu to?” Autumn Water asked anxiously.

Ye Wanwan was about to collapse. Don’t ask, okay? How should I answer?

Should I say I planted the child gu in Lord Asura’s body in front of Emperor Ji?

While Ye Wanwan was entangled in turmoil, everyone saw Lord Asura pushing the sleeve of his suit upward slightly and adjusting it before extending his wrist toward the white-haired elderly man. He looked at him and said, “Please feel my pulse for me.”

Elder Qi was startled. Why did this person suddenly want him to feel his pulse?

The man’s aura was too imposing, so the elderly man reflexively obeyed his order without much thinking and bent down, carefully placing his fingers on the man’s wrist and feeling his pulse.

At the same time, everyone’s gazes shot toward the doctor.

One second passed, ten seconds passed, one minute passed…

The elderly man examined him three or four whole times, his expression shifting again and again, before finally raising his head. First, he looked at Emperor Ji then Ye Wanwan then Emperor Ji again. “The… the child gu… is inside this mister’s body…”

Autumn Water: “…???”

Seven Star: “…”

Big Dipper facepalmed, at a loss for words. “…”

He had never been disappointed in Sis Feng’s guts. She actually dared to make advances on Lord Asura…

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