Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1449 - The cursed Nameless Nie

Chapter 1449: The cursed Nameless Nie

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Inside the Yuan study, the five people stared at each other, bewildered. It was as though time had stopped, the study under a blanket of silence.

Ye Wanwan first glanced at the ostentatious Spray of Flowers then examined Iceberg Man behind him.

She was dumbfounded, her lips twitching slightly. No wonder Nameless Nie said Spray of Flowers and Dead Man weren’t available because they went out on a mission when she wanted to hire them! They did go on a mission indeed! They accepted the Yuan family’s mission and feasted on the wage from both sides!

Ye Wanwan finally understood where the gu poison on the necessary road to the Yuan residence came from…

Taoist Devotee previously said that only Dead Man was a master of the gu technique out of their group. Who would have known that the gu insects on this road were planted by Dead Man… Moreover, because of the gu technique, she lost many brothers from the Fearless Alliance…

An elderly man around 40 or 50 years old and luxuriously dressed stood next to Spray of Flowers and Iceberg Man. He had to be the patriarch of the Yuan family.

Patriarch Yuan wore a deep frown as he looked at Ye Wanwan and her group.

He had received news that there was a high possibility the Fearless Alliance would come and exact revenge, so he hired two top mercenary experts, and one of the mercenaries planted gu insects on the mandatory road to the Yuan residence. How… did these people pass that road and arrive at the Yuan residence…?

“Experts, hurry and protect me!” Patriarch Yuan looked at Spray of Flowers and Iceberg Man instantly and hastily shouted, “Kill them all!”

However, Spray of Flowers and Iceberg Man didn’t reply. They couldn’t figure out why Little Sweetie and Taoist Devotee were here…

“Well!” Taoist Devotee pointed at Spray of Flowers and Iceberg Man and reproached coldly, “The two of you actually accepted private work behind Little Sweetie and my back!”

Spray of Flowers: “…”

Iceberg man: “?”

“Hmph!” Spray of Flowers, who recovered his wits, snorted and glanced at Taoist Devotee and Brick-moving Foreigner. “How dare you admonish us?! Didn’t you do also accepted private work behind my husband and my back…”

Spray of Flowers wrapped his arm around Iceberg Man’s shoulder. “Am I right, husband?”

However, Iceberg Man coolly glanced at Spray of Flowers, seemingly unwanting to speak.

“Husband said that it’s you two shameless people who accepted private work yourself, so you have no right to say anything to us! Pah!” Spray of Flowers shouted at Taoist Devotee and Little Sweetie.

Ye Wanwan stared at Spray of Flowers, rendered speechless. /Dead Man hasn’t even opened his mouth once this whole time! Are you playing mind-reading?!/

“Our mission was accepted by Captain!” Taoist Devotee straightened his back.

“Right, right, right! He’s right!” Brick-moving Foreigner nodded vehemently.

“Tch, you d*mn quack, are trying to scare me?!” Spray of Flowers was full of disdain. “Our mission was also approved by Captain!”

This scene turned extremely embarrassing. Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up with an awkward but courteous smile as she thought, “F*ck you, Nameless Nie!”

“Forget it, forget it. Since it’s like that, let’s go…” Taoist Devotee said to Brick-moving Foreigner.

Brick-moving Foreigner nodded frantically. It was too hot outside, and the Yuan residence didn’t even have the AC turned on. He wanted to go home and eat some watermelon while enjoying the AC.

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