Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1389 - Is his captain blind?!

Chapter 1389: Is his captain blind?!

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Everyone looked at each other bewildered when they heard Taoist Devotee’s words.

They also heard that the Rose of Death didn’t exist, but they didn’t take it seriously back then and merely treated it as a joke.

In truth, after joining the Rose of Death, the majority of the experts present were somewhat suspicious, but they didn’t dare to make open inquiries to get to the bottom of it.

Until an expert from one of the four great clans, the Nie family, came to challenge this place and personally declared that the Rose of Death didn’t exist…

“Could it be… the Rose of Death really doesn’t exist and we’ve been deceived…?” a man wearing a silver fox mask murmured.

“Think about it carefully—although the Rose of Death is extremely famous… it’s all just rumors. None of us has ever seen the Rose of Death in action. Plus, why would the Rose of Death’s leader, Black Widow, be so young…?”

Jiang Cheng’s brows locked together. However, the Rose of Death clearly existed… He once had the honor of meeting some of her brothers in the six-level prison…

What’s going on here?

“Unless… we… are really pretenders…” A fairly good-looking woman turned to Taoist Devotee with misgivings.

“Heh, of course… How could the Rose of Death exist in this world?! You pitiful fellows have been deceived!” Taoist Devotee snorted.

Ye Wanwan felt somewhat guilty. Her vision was blocked by everyone, so she couldn’t see the newcomers and the current situation clearly.

However, the Rose of Death’s copyright wasn’t theirs, so what business was it of theirs? Why did they come here to expose her?

Upon seeing the situation spiraling out of control, Ye Wanwan had no choice but to straighten her back and coldly shout, “Who’s acting insolent here?!”

Taoist Devotee and Nameless Nie were taken back. Why… does this voice sound so familiar…

After Ye Wanwan spoke, the people crowded in front of her swiftly receded to the two sides.

When Nameless Nie and Taoist Devotee saw her, they were astonished. Even Ye Wanwan froze on the spot.

“Say… Doesn’t this woman look a bit similar to Boss Famous?” Nameless Nie rubbed his chin and asked Taoist Devotee.

Taoist Devotee’s lips twitched slightly. Is my captain blind…?

“Captain…” Taoist Devotee turned to Nameless Nie. “She isn’t just similar… they look like identical twins! They’re extremely similar looking!”

After saying that, Taoist Devotee stared at Ye Wanwan and clicked his tongue. “So you’re the woman pretending to be Black Widow from the Rose of Death… You look very similar to a friend of ours in China!”

When Ye Wanwan saw Nameless Nie and Taoist Devotee, she was somewhat excited at first, but her face turned dark the second she heard Taoist Devotee.

Is there something wrong with these two people’s heads?!

They can’t even recognize me face-to-face? It’s only been a few months…

“Girl, you’re rather gutsy! You dare to pretend to be the Rose of Death… Tell me, who gave you the guts?!” Taoist Devotee snorted and questioned her.

Some distance away, Little Lolita, Old Jiang, and the rest of their group watched this scene with a flabbergasted expression. A-aren’t these two people the experts who saved us back in Myanmar…?

Why did they come here to cause trouble suddenly and claim we’re pretending to be the Rose of Death?

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