Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1387 - Exposing the fake

Chapter 1387: Exposing the fake

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“Captain!” Taoist Devotee shouted loudly upon seeing Nameless Nie.

“What are you panicking about? What a disgrace!” Nameless Nie glanced at Taoist Devotee.

“No, Captain, I have something to tell you,” Taoist Devotee hastily said.

“Nonsense, I’m not done eating yet. Wait till I’m done.” Nameless Nie held a plate of potstickers with a hand and was eating them while looking at Taoist Devotee with displeasure.

“Captain, I really have something urgent to tell you!” Taoist Devotee didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Spit it out! Don’t hold me up from eating my potstickers. I’ll give you a minute,” Nameless Nie said coldly as he carelessly tossed the plate to the side.

Taoist Devotee was silent for a moment before walking toward Nameless Nie and asking seriously, “Captain, guess what I discovered today?”

Nameless Nie’s brows furrowed. “Guess whether I’ll kill you or not.”

Taoist Devotee rubbed his nose and chuckled awkwardly. “Captain, I have news about the Rose of Death recruiting people today and found the Rose of Death’s headquarters! Their headquarters is in Yun City!”

Nameless Nie was taken back. “Rose of Death? What’s going on? Where the hell did this Rose of Death come from?!

“Captain, it goes without saying that they must be fakes! Lately, we’ve decreased our efforts in exposing fakes, so some reckless idiots started inciting trouble again and are pretending to be the Rose of Death,” Taoist Devotee explained.

Nameless Nie’s expression chilled completely, and his face was so dark that ink could drip from it.

A few years ago, countless groups pretended to be Rose of Death, but those groups were all uprooted by Nameless Nie.

A long time ago, Nameless Nie announced that the Rose of Death didn’t exist and everything was fabricated. Moreover, he didn’t permit anyone or any group to pretend to be the Rose of Death. Otherwise, he would kill any violators without mercy!

Barely any time had passed since then! Yet, now there was someone in Yun City of the Independent State who dared to ignore his authority and pretend to be the Rose of Death under his very nose!

This was a blatant infringement on his copyright!

“Where?” Nameless Nie asked Taoist Devotee coldly.

Taoist Devotee smiled enigmatically and pulled out his phone, opening his photos before placing them in front of Nameless Nie. His fingers kept flipping through the photos as he said, “Captain, look, I took photos of the Rose of Death’s headquarters!”

Nameless Nie looked at Taoist Devotee’s photos pensively and asked with confusion, “Why are you showing these to me?”

He was going to have Taoist Devotee lead the way to the headquarters of that fake Rose of Death, but why did Taoist Devotee show him these photos?

“Captain, look, I’ve taken photos of this place, so you can go by yourself. I still have something to do,” Taoist Devotee replied seriously.

Nameless Nie nodded but didn’t say anything and grabbed Taoist Devotee by his ear before dragging him out of the door…

At the same time, the Rose of Death’s headquarters:

Ye Wanwan sat in the chief seat and swept her eyes over the people below her.

Many of the newly recruited experts looked at Ye Wanwan with astonishment and disbelief on their faces.

The legendary, terrifying and bloodthirsty leader of the Rose of Death, Black Widow, was actually so young and beautiful?!

Several young men who thought they had good looks instantly straightened up.

Rumors said the Black Widow was keen on beautiful men…

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