Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1384 - Disguises running amok

Chapter 1384: Disguises running amok

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Then Lin Que asked curiously, “Ninth Brother, since Ye Wanwan is from the Independent State, where’s her home, who are her parents, and what’s her name?”

He had heard many fierce legends about Ninth Brother’s beloved, but he never knew her true identity.

It was great now; she gained another title as a member of the Fearless Alliance.

Doesn’t that woman have too many little disguises?

Doesn’t she find it madly tiring…

“Is that important?” Si Yehan asked with a cool expression.

Wanwan never told him her true name or background, but he didn’t care.

“Eh, fine fine, forget it if you don’t want to say it. What happened later?” Lin Que’s eyes were starry gazed as he eagerly showed “concern” for his Ninth Brother.

It was so rare for Ninth Brother to be willing to tell him this! It was simply a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity!

However, Si Yehan didn’t say anything else. His expression merely turned colder and lonelier.

When that girl who appeared out of nowhere completely dominated his life, when they even broke through that last barrier…

She suddenly disappeared for 10 or so months without a trace, as though she evaporated into thin air…

During that period of time, he kept searching for her, but when he found Ye Wanwan, it was the start of that calamity…

The scene that day surfaced in Si Yehan’s mind again.

Ye Wanwan’s entire body was covered in vermilion blood, as though she had crawled out from purgatory.

If it weren’t for him coincidentally finding her… she probably wouldn’t have survived…

Every time he thought up to that point, immense fear would grip him.

His body of injuries was also due to that calamity.

After Ye Wanwan woke up from her serious injuries, she was unwilling to say anything and merely kept begging Si Yehan to take her away from the Independent State. She never wanted to come back…

And so, he disbanded Asura and brought her back to China.

However, after arriving in China…

He had no idea what happened to her, but Ye Wanwan was in so much pain every day that death was better than life to her. She madly punished herself and would wash her face with tears, even showing an inclination for self-harm.

In the end, Ye Wanwan begged Si Yehan to erase all her memories.

Si Yehan didn’t agree with this preposterous suggestion at first, but as her situation grew worse and worse, he simply couldn’t continue to watch her suffering in that much pain.

Finally, Si Yehan made up his mind and used the method of memory masking to erase all of Ye Wanwan’s memories from the Independent State.

It was to end her pain and also to protect her safety.

This time, Si Yehan only returned to the Independent State because of his mother.

Si Yehan’s mother threatened him that if he didn’t return, she would publicize Ye Wanwan’s whereabouts to the entire Independent State.

At that time, everything he protected so bitterly would go down the drain.

If he wanted to use the Si family’s power in China to protect Ye Wanwan, it would simply be a fairy tale.

In the end, Si Yehan had no choice but to relent and return to the Independent State.

If he laid down his sword, he wouldn’t be able to protect the one he loved.

If he clutched his sword, he wouldn’t be able to embrace the one he loved.

Si Yehan’s dark and unfathomable eyes slowly turned to the outside of the hall. Since Asura had returned, he would allow this world to dance in his palms…

Lin Que looked at Si Yehan with a bewildered expression. Just what kind of frightening calamity and power was it that even Si Yehan couldn’t prevent it…

No matter what, the old king had… returned.

Inside the Fearless Alliance:

Shortly after the Asura emissaries departed, another message came.

Lord Asura was holding a conference, and all the nearby major factions would participate in it. This time, they also invited the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng.

This conference called by Lord Asura would be held three days from now.

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