Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1381 - 80% Credibility

Chapter 1381: 80% Credibility

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After listening to Third Elder’s explanation, the young man was taken back. “Third Elder means to say that none of the Fearless Alliance’s higher-ups believe she’s the president…. but they went along with the mistake and intentionally acknowledged her identity as the president… so that they could balance out the Fearless Alliance…”

“Of course.” Third Elder snorted. “Lately, many people have been looking for evidence that proves she’s not the president. As long as they find evidence and publicize it, they’ll have achieved a great service for the Fearless Alliance, and the party who achieves that can ascend the throne to become the president…”

The young man nodded. After days of trouble, that woman was actually only a chess piece to each camp.

Inside the conference room, after Trance and Ye Wanwan inquired after each other’s wellbeing, they developed a plan for cooperation to eradicate the Yan family and resist Asura.

After Trance left, Seven Star lingered next to Ye Wanwan as though he wanted to say something but couldn’t get it out of his mouth.

Ye Wanwan sat in her chair silently as she combed through the recent events in her mind.

After today’s events, Ye Wanwan had a stronger realization that it wouldn’t be as simple as she imagined to deceive these people and stabilize her position.

Nearly all the true higher-ups like Third Elder held a very vague attitude toward her. None of them treated her like the real president of the Fearless Alliance from the very beginning.

However, if a faction like the Fearless Alliance truly wanted to expose her, it should be easy, but they hadn’t done that…

She really couldn’t figure this out.

“Seven Star.” After some thinking, Ye Wanwan turned to Seven Star. “Let’s talk.”

Seven Star immediately looked up at her. “What does Sis Feng want to talk about?”

“You, along with all the higher-ups of the Fearless Alliance, have never believed in my identity, right?” Ye Wanwan asked him.

Seven Star’s brows furrowed. After mulling it over for a moment, he finally said, “That’s right.”

“Alright, then Seven Star… I can frankly tell you that I’m Bai Feng. Do you believe me?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“I believe you 80% now,” Seven Star hesitantly replied when he met her bright eyes.

When Ye Wanwan heard that, she wanted to cry her eyes out.

D*mn it, my Oscar-level performance only granted me 80% credibility! Just how strong is this child’s suspicion?!

“Very well. Tell me about the situation with the higher-ups of the Fearless Alliance,” Ye Wanwan remained calm and composed as she asked with a serious expression.

80% credibility should be enough for her to dig up some information.

In contrast to Seven Star, Big Dipper was extremely unreliable, so it would be very beneficial for her to gain Seven Star’s allegiance.

Seven Star’s attitude did ease up a little. He nodded and explained, “The higher-ups are allowing you to run amok because you can be taken advantage of. If it weren’t for your appearance, the Fearless Alliance would’ve already engaged in a civil war over the president’s position. This way, regardless of who won, the Fearless Alliance would turn into a bucket of loose sand.”

“However, your appearance coincidentally creates some checks and balances in the Fearless Alliance’s civil war. Every camp will investigate you and whoever uncovers evidence that proves you’re pretending to be the president first can ascend to the president’s throne.”

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin pensively. Seven Star’s explanation didn’t surprise her at all; she’d definitely also do the same thing if she was in the shoes of the Fearless Alliance’s higher-ups.

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