Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1379 - Done playing with you

Chapter 1379: Done playing with you

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“Of course I won’t,” Ye Wanwan replied.

Back then, people from Asura came to the Fearless Alliance to tell Bro Flattop to pay tributes, and Bro Flattop immediately killed those people. Ye Wanwan knew about this matter, so how could the real Bro Flattop possibly pay tributes?

“Haha, awesome. Then… since there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave now.” Trance stood up.

Ye Wanwan didn’t say anything and peered at Seven Star secretly instead.

Seven Star’s entire body was akin to glacial ice right now, chilling to the bones.

Ye Wanwan frowned inwardly. Something had to be off… Perhaps she exposed something due to Trance…

Soon, she saw Seven Star turn his phone on and draft a text.

Ye Wanwan hastily snuck closer without a sound.

Through the mirror in the conference room, Ye Wanwan managed to barely see the contents of the text.

“This woman isn’t Sis Feng… I want her dead. Big Dipper, you’ve been deceived.”

The recipient happened to be Big Dipper.

She couldn’t see the rest of the message clearly, but the first part alone was enough.

“Crap…” Ye Wanwan’s heart clenched.

She didn’t say a single thing wrong since she entered the conference room, so there was no way she exposed herself that way.

Moreover, Trance was a real person and wasn’t fabricated by Seven Star and Third Elder to test her…

If all of these reasons weren’t the issue, then there was only one problem.

The western man in front of her wasn’t Trance! She’d been deceived!

“Hold on.”

Before Seven Star could send the text, Ye Wanwan suddenly snorted and called after the western man.

“President, what is it… Is there something else?” The western man was startled.

Ye Wanwan nonchalantly walked in front of the western man, her lips turning up in a bewitching smile. “I… finished playing the game with you. So… is it my turn to ask you some questions?”

“President Bai, what do you mean?” the western man asked.


Ye Wanwan lifted her right arm and mercilessly slapped the western man in a flash before anyone could react.

Caught off guard, the western man fell to the ground from the force behind her slap.

“Who… do you think I am… An idiot?” Ye Wanwan asked with a snort.

“President Bai, what do you mean?! Do you want to start a war between us?!” The western man became furious at once.

“Someone, come!!!” Ye Wanwan shouted angrily.

A second later, a dozen or so elite members of the Fearless Alliance entered the conference room. They wore white clothes with the word “Fearless” written across their backs.

“Help me ask him why he’s pretending to be Trance and his mastermind… If he doesn’t confess, kill him,” Ye Wanwan ordered detachedly.

Before the Fearless Alliance members could do anything, the western man furiously shouted, “What rubbish are you saying?! I’m Trance!”

“You’re Trance?” Ye Wanwan snorted. “I’ve known Trance for so many years, but how come I didn’t know Trance turned into a westerner?”

When Ye Wanwan said that, the smile on Third Elder’s face froze and astonishment appeared in Seven Star’s eyes.

Ye Wanwan relaxed upon seeing that.

Very few westerners were in the Independent State, so how could the leader of a faction that could rival the Fearless Alliance be a westerner?!

Just now, Ye Wanwan suddenly recalled that the Independent State’s xenophobia was highest compared to all other places. So how could they allow westerners to become so powerful here?!

She didn’t think deeply about this before, but there were many unreasonable holes after some contemplation.

Hence, she made a bet. She bet Trance was Asian. This was a grand gamble—the winner would live and the loser would die!

In the end, she won the gamble. Third Elder and Seven Star’s expressions were the best proof.

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