Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1372 - Take them down a notch

Chapter 1372: Take them down a notch

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The elderly man in white gritted his teeth and wanted to say something but swallowed his words.

“However…” Third Elder changed the topic and looked at Ye Wanwan sardonically. “The Department of Foreign Affairs is responsible for negotiating with outside factions. Since the president changed the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, this newly installed brother will need to be responsible for negotiating with the Yan family this time. If anything goes wrong, he will need to take full responsibility.”

Liuying’s brows furrowed slightly. He hadn’t been in the Independent State for a long time, so he wasn’t familiar with the Yan family or its strength relative to the Fearless Alliance.

Rashly negotiating with them with such a lack of knowledge was disadvantageous to both the Fearless Alliance and Miss Wanwan.

“Third Elder is right. We naturally won’t say anything about your decision, President, but you will have to also be responsible for this since you changed the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs,” another elder interjected.

Ye Wanwan looked over the elders present. These old geezers were craftier than foxes. She originally thought she could take them down a notch but didn’t expect them to have a corresponding tactic.

Liuying just arrived in the Independent State and was just forcefully installed into his position in the Department of Foreign Affairs, so it was unrealistic for him to negotiate with the Yan family right now.

Just as Third Elder said, any slip-ups that happened would not only be Liuying’s responsibility but also her responsibility as the president of the Fearless Alliance.

“That’s none of your business,” Ye Wanwan said coldly.

“Since you’ve made up your mind, President, us old fellows naturally don’t have any objections,” Third Elder Li Si said with a smile.

Ye Wanwan immediately waved her hand. “Meeting adjourned.”

The people in the conference room all stood up and followed the elders out of the room.

The only people left in the giant conference room were Liuying and the five-member mercenary group. Ye Wanwan didn’t leave either, of course.


Old Jiang turned to Ye Wanwan. He couldn’t quite understand the current situation.

Ye Wanwan took out six silver tablets and threw them at the people present.

“Independent State permits. Don’t lose them,” Ye Wanwan said.

Independent State permits were forged by pure silver and were engraved with the owner’s information, representing the owner’s identity as a resident of the Independent State. If they were examined by the Martial Arts Union, they merely needed to display these permits. They were akin to ID cards of other countries.

After receiving their Independent State permits, Liuying, Old Jiang, and the others turned rather excited. Now that they had these, they could openly travel through every city and corner of the Independent State without anymore worry or fear.

“Master, this thing is really pretty…” Little Lolita was exuberant as she held the permit.

“Old Jiang.” Ye Wanwan turned to Old Jiang and said, “From now on, you will be in the Fearless Alliance’s Department of Foreign Affairs. If you have any issues, contact Liuying directly. If Liuying can’t resolve them, come find me.”

“Yes, Master.” Old Jiang nodded.

A department like the Department of Foreign Affairs was mainly responsible for contacting and negotiating with the outside factions and didn’t require any martial arts capabilities, so it was fairly suitable for them.

An Independent State power like the Fearless Alliance was full of talented individuals in hiding, so there really wasn’t another department suitable for them except for the Department of Foreign Affairs.

However, this didn’t mean that the Department of Foreign Affairs had a low status in the Fearless Alliance. In contrast, the Department of Foreign Affairs had an extremely high status and played a decisive role.

Between civil officials and military generals, the Department of Foreign Affairs held a civil official position in the Fearless Alliance.

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