Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 136: Did you drink chicken's blood?!

Chapter 136: Did you drink chicken's blood?!

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After she returned to her seat, Jiang Yan Ran almost collapsed.

Ye Wanwan had a gratified expression on her face as if her daughter had just grown up. "Awesome! You were great!"

"Thanks, it's because you've taught me well," Jiang Yan Ran smiled bitterly. She was surprised too; she didn't expect that one day she'd be able to speak to Song Zi Hang with this tone and attitude.

Shortly after, the fifteen-minute break ended and the next half of the match started.

The whistle blew and the atmosphere in the court was suddenly tense.

Everyone noticed that the atmosphere in this half of the match was different--the smell of smoke was stronger and there were sparks of anger everywhere.

Song Zi Hang glanced at Chu Feng scornfully.

His teammate next to him gave a disdainful expression as well, "He just has more stinking money at home, right? What a useless bum!"

"That's right! He plays like shit! And still dares to snatch a girl from our boss!"

Chu Feng didn't care about those people mocking him. He looked at his teammates and said, "Later on, all of you should pass the ball to me."

The guy with blond hair wailed, "Then won't we be getting a big fat zero?!"

"If we lose, I'll treat the team for an entire month."

"Damn, an entire month! Grab hold of the tyrant's big golden thigh [1]! You said it yourself! Everyone, remember to pass him the ball later!"

"Haha, no problem!"


Very soon, everybody started running at top speed on the court. The captain of Jin Xiu snatched the ball from the forward player from Qing He and threw it over to Chu Feng swiftly.

He was really afraid that Chu Feng would miss it again but thankfully, he caught it this time.

But then, Qing He's players advanced on Chu Feng and he was forced to the edge of the three-point line.

Song Zi Hang sniggered and went to snatch the ball from Chu Feng while his teammates' guarded him. Once he had the ball, he'd definitely get it in.

However, just as he was about to grab the ball, Chu Feng took a step back and tossed the ball as hard as he could.

Everybody's eyes followed the ball and after a few seconds——

"Wow—— It went in! A three-point shot!" The entire court roared in cheers.

It had only been three minutes since the match started and they actually scored--not to mention it was a three-pointer. Everybody was caught off guard; they didn't even manage to see what Chu Feng did as everything happened in a flash.


"Senior Chu Feng's awesome!"

"He was lucky, what's there to be happy about!" the players of Qing He spat.

There was a seventeen point gap from the previous half so they weren't worried at all.

But from that point onwards, they couldn't be so relaxed anymore...

Everybody on the Jin Xiu basketball team passed the ball over to Chu Feng and like a totally different person, Chu Feng didn't miss a single shot. As long as he got the ball, it went in every time.

It was as if his accuracy was due to the basketball hoop sucking up every ball he shot.

Towards the end, Qing He was beaten to the point where they didn't have the energy to retaliate.

The spectators were stunned. They realised only then that Chu Feng actually had a hidden talent.

The captain of the Jin Xiu basketball team put his arm around Chu Feng's neck excitedly, "God damn, bastard, did you drink chicken's blood instead of water just now?"

Chu Feng looked towards the spectator stand, "What do you know?!"

It was the water from Yan Ran! Immortal water!

In the blink of an eye, the current score was 0:17.

Qing He didn't get a single point. With such a big gap, their scores had already tied and only half the time had passed in the second half of the game.


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[1]: To hold someone's golden thigh means to cling on to a rich man.

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