Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1347 - A while since we’ve partied

Chapter 1347: A while since we’ve partied

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After the office door closed, Ye Wanwan sprinted to Great White and grabbed him, lavishing him with affection.

Great White looked a bit exasperated and merely lay in his spot silently.

However, at that point, Virus pushed Ye Wanwan’s back with a paw, his large, black eyes intently staring at her.

“Little Black is good,” Ye Wanwan happily said as she started scratching Little Black’s chin.

Virus’ eyes were narrowed as his head raised, pure enjoyment on his face.

After petting Virus and Great White, Ye Wanwan finally let them go. Immediately, Virus stood up while Great White remained silently laying in his spot, unmoving, but Great White’s eyes were locked onto Virus.

Virus stretched before imposingly striding over to Great White and laying down in front of Great White.

However, Virus was facing Great White with his butt.

This scene rendered Ye Wanwan speechless. Virus was probably announcing his authority to Great White and telling this tiger this place was his territory, so he was the boss.

Great White didn’t have any desire to pay attention to Virus though. He merely turned his head to the side.

Anyway, it was good that Virus and Great White didn’t start fighting… This territory belonged to Virus to begin with, so he should be allowed to play boss as he pleased…

Ye Wanwan sat down on her office chair and sunk into contemplation.

She still had too many things to do, but she couldn’t mobilize the Fearless Alliance’s core power right now. It was unrealistic for her to use the Fearless Alliance’s core power to search for Si Yehan. Moreover, it would elicit the suspicion of Seven Star and Emperor Ji, as well as those old geezers in the Fearless Alliance…

If only she could build a power that solely belonged to her…

Of course, it was a good plan, but implementing it wouldn’t be easy.

Ye Wanwan knew that by pretending to be Bai Feng in the Fearless Alliance, she could die horribly with no hope of salvation if she was the slightest bit careless. Additionally, her position was too passive.

Today, the Martial Arts Union came looking for trouble. Tomorrow, Piece of Sh*t would come looking for trouble. In a few days, the four great clans would probably also come looking for trouble. What would she do if this continued?

However, based on the current situation, she was extorting a large sum of money from the Martial Arts Union and the Fearless Alliance was rich to begin with. In her position as the president of the Fearless Alliance, it shouldn’t be difficult for her to mobilize some funds…

If she used someone else’s money to create her own power…

“Sis Feng!”

Before Ye Wanwan could think anymore, Big Dipper’s voice was heard from outside the door.

Ye Wanwan packed away her thoughts and restored her aloof facade. “Enter.”

Big Dipper opened the door and entered, walking toward Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, are you free tonight? Let’s go party! It’s been a while since we’ve partied!”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper. Party your a**!

“Party where?” Ye Wanwan inquired.

“A new place opened up lately. I heard there’s a lot of new items there,” Big Dipper laughed mischievously.

“…” This isn’t another strange and exotic restaurant, right?! Where they’ll make me eat fried ants?!

“I’ll leave it to you and Seven Star to arrange it,” Ye Wanwan said.

“I promise!” Big Dipper turned to leave.

“Hold on.” Ye Wanwan stopped Big Dipper. “Let’s build a small park here.”

Big Dipper froze in his spot. “Build a park…? What do you mean?”

“A residence for Great White and Virus,” Ye Wanwan replied matter-of-factly.

Big Dipper was astonished. “Sis Feng, isn’t it too extravagant to build a park for two wild beasts? This is utterly… Oh, right, I think the seventh floor is quite nice. There’s a lot of light and space. It’s perfect to be turned into an indoor park.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

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