Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1333 - Realization

Chapter 1333: Realization

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Ji Xiuran ordered people to go to China and brought the five-member mercenary group back to the Independent State, meaning Ji Xiuran knew her true identity already. Ye Wanwan recalled Ji Xiuran’s self-introduction to her that day…

Ye Wanwan was confident Ji Xiuran definitely knew she wasn’t the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop.

However, what Ye Wanwan didn’t understand was why Ji Xiuran didn’t expose her if he knew her identity.

“Why did he follow along?” Ye Wanwan turned to Liuying.

“I don’t know…” Old Jiang shook his head. They were unfamiliar with Liuying and didn’t know how Liuying was brought to the Independent State.

“Long time no see…” A bitter smile surfaced on Liuying’s face as he looked at Ye Wanwan.

Back then, after Si Mingli and Qin Ruoxi gained control of the Si family, Liuying believed Qin Ruoxi betrayed Si Yehan, so he snuck into Qin Ruoxi’s room in the middle of the night to assassinate Qin Ruoxi. Unfortunately, Qin Ruoxi wasn’t at the Si residence that night, and he was caught by Emperor Ji’s subordinate, Duan Fei, and was brought here.

Ye Wanwan was pensive when she heard Liuying’s explanation.

In other words, Duan Fei wanted to abduct Qin Ruoxi and bring her to the Independent State, but Qin Ruoxi wasn’t in her room and Duan Fei coincidentally ran into Liuying, who went to assassinate Qin Ruoxi… A series of incidents later, Liuying was brought here.

Ye Wanwan still couldn’t comprehend Ji Xiuran’s intentions. Why did he bring people with a connection to her to the Independent State… What did he plan to do?

“Old Jiang, wait outside the door with them. I have something to say to Liuying.” Ye Wanwan turned to Old Jiang.

Old Jiang nodded and led Little Lolita and the others outside.

Only Ye Wanwan and Liuying remained in the office.

“Is there news about… Si Yehan…?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Liuying shook his head. “Not long after Ninth Master disappeared, Qin Ruoxi and Si Mingli took control of the Si family… and I left the Si family. However, I’m in Ninth Master’s debt. I just wanted to kill Qin Ruoxi for her actions as final payment toward the Si family and Ninth Master. After that, anything that happens to the Si family will be none of my business.”

Ye Wanwan had never doubted Liuying’s loyalty toward Si Yehan and the Si family. Liuying was merely a bit blindly loyal.

“Miss Wanwan… I’m very sorry… for the past events…” Liuying mocked himself. “I always thought you had an ulterior motive for staying with Ninth Master. However, I was too stupid. The one with an ulterior motive wasn’t Miss Wanwan—it was Qin Ruoxi.”

Guilt toward Ye Wanwan lingered in Liuying’s heart. After Qin Ruoxi took control of the Si family, he not only realized Qin Ruoxi’s true personality but also his own stupidity.

“Let’s forget about the past for now… Earlier, you…” Ye Wanwan looked slightly perplexed.

Liuying smiled. “Are you talking about how you’re pretending to be the president of the Fearless Alliance?”


“I learned from Old Jiang that you claimed to be the Rose of Death’s leader, Black Widow… but Rose of Death hasn’t appeared for many years and its leader probably isn’t Miss Wanwan’s age. Hence, I surmised that Miss Wanwan was pretending…”

“Then I saw Miss Wanwan again in the Fearless Alliance, and those people called Miss Wanwan ‘President’. I thought maybe Miss Wanwan was pretending to be the president of the Fearless Alliance this time…”

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