Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1330 - I hope you’ve been well

Chapter 1330: I hope you’ve been well

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The five-member mercenary group was taken back upon hearing that. What does Master mean…

More than that, how come Master looks like she doesn’t know us at all?

“I heard that… You came to the Fearless Alliance to look for someone, right?” Seven Star turned to Heidi and his group.

“Yes…” Little Lolita automatically nodded. They were looking for someone indeed, and the person they were looking for showed up already.

“Then who are you looking for?” Seven Star had a meaningful look.

Liuying looked at Ye Wanwan then at Seven Star, his brows furrowing and a pensive expression on his face.

Ye Wanwan was truly miserable. If the five-member mercenary group didn’t mention they were part of the Rose of Death, she could openly admit they were subordinates she acquired while she was gone from the Independent State.

However, the five-member mercenary group loudly proclaimed they were part of the Rose of Death, so Ye Wanwan absolutely couldn’t admit it.

Rose of Death was a fictional power and didn’t exist, so why would Bro Flattop pretend to be Black Widow when she was the president of the Fearless Alliance…

Ye Wanwan decided she couldn’t reveal her relationship to them no matter what. Otherwise, both the five-member mercenary group and she would end here today.

“You say you’re members of the Rose of Death. Could it be that you came here today to look for Black Widow?” Ye Wanwan was extremely anxious on the inside when she saw Little Lolita about to say something but had to maintain the calm and indifference on her face.


Little Lolita was taken back. She looked at Ye Wanwan, not understanding Master’s meaning.

“Heh… Why would we come here to look for Black Widow?” the silent Liuying suddenly interjected.


Ye Wanwan automatically looked at Liuying.

Ye Wanwan didn’t notice Liuying when she entered the room, but her heart chilled when she saw him.

Why was Liuying with the five-member mercenary group?!

There were grievances between her and Liuying…

If Liuying carelessly said something, she’d die without a burial place!

“I didn’t expect us to meet here,” Liuying said.

Ye Wanwan inwardly cursed.

“You know Sis Bai Feng?” Seven Star’s icy gaze landed on Liuying.

“Bai Feng?” Liuying turned to Seven Star. “What Bai Feng… You’re saying she’s Bai Feng?”

“What… You don’t think she’s Bai Feng?” Seven Star’s bone-chilling gaze nonchalantly glanced at Ye Wanwan.

The five-member mercenary group was utterly confused. They didn’t know what they should say.

“Of course she’s not Bai Feng!” Liuying scoffed.

“Oh…?” Seven Star looked thoughtful. “Since you say you recognize her… Then tell me, who is she…”

Liuying looked at Ye Wanwan. “Isn’t she the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop?”

Ye Wanwan was already prepared for her identity to be exposed, but Liuying’s words elicited astonishment inside of her.

“Haha, that’s not strange. Most people don’t know Sis Feng’s name and only know her nickname.” Big Dipper laughed loudly.

“Oh… So the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop, is named Bai Feng…” Liuying nodded and swiftly turned to Ye Wanwan. “President… I hope you’ve been well. It’s been a while.”

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