Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1328 - Inexplicable closeness

Chapter 1328: Inexplicable closeness

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Virus was adopted by Bro Flattop when he was young, so he only acknowledged Bro Flattop, and it was difficult for anyone else to approach him.

Seven Star was surprised as he watched the close familiarity between Ye Wanwan and Virus.

Seven Star was very suspicious about Ye Wanwan’s identity as the president of the Fearless Alliance ever since he met her, and this suspicion intensified as time went on…

However, Ye Wanwan managed to pass every single one of his tests, even if the reaction wasn’t perfect.

For example, Virus. If this woman really wasn’t Bro Flattop, why would Virus act so familiar with her…

Ye Wanwan herself was also extremely astonished.

An inexplicable smile spread across Ye Wanwan’s face as she watched Virus rubbing his giant head back and forth on her stomach. Brother, is your head itchy…

Ye Wanwan didn’t understand why Bro Flattop’s pet, Virus, acted so familiar with her.

Perhaps she was finally lucky for once. Auras were very mystical sometimes, like how Great White really liked Tangtang the first time he met Tangtang.


An elderly man appeared out of nowhere and sprinted toward them.

“Isn’t this Virus… He’s also back…” The elderly man was surprised when he saw the black panther next to Ye Wanwan.

This elderly man wasn’t a stranger to Ye Wanwan. She interacted with him when this elderly man and Seven Star planned to eliminate the Zhou family that day.

“What is it?” Ye Wanwan gave the elderly man side-eye.

The elderly man smiled ingratiatingly. “President, it’s like this—I just discovered a group of suspicious people near our headquarters… I bet they’re up to no good. They might have even been sent by our enemies, so I came to ask President how I should handle it.”

If this was the past, he wouldn’t have been so long-winded. He’d kill them directly.

However, ever since the president returned, she hadn’t sought him out to be her training partner like in the past, so he decided to use this opportunity to get some face time in front of the president.

“Do I need to teach you what to do about something like this?” Ye Wanwan asked coldly. “Looking into the matter will do. Release them if they’re innocent. Imprison them if they were really sent by our enemies.”

“Yes yes yes…” The elderly man nodded frantically and turned to leave.

The elderly man barely took a few steps before turning around and looking back at Ye Wanwan. He added, “Oh right, President, those people said their master was some Rose of Death… and told us to give them some face…”

“Rose of Death?”

Both Big Dipper and Seven Star were taken back.

Rumors claimed that the Rose of Death was a super terrifying power that could rival Asura. However, didn’t the Nie family disperse the rumors and say the Rose of Death didn’t exist? The rumored Rose of Death was just fiction, and it was all a misunderstanding.

So why did a Rose of Death suddenly pop up?

“Sis Feng, there’s something fishy about this. How about we go take a look?” Big Dipper asked Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan was also very stunned. This had to be a coincidence… China was so freaking far from the Independent State; it couldn’t be the five-member mercenary group!

If the five-member mercenary group found her, wouldn’t her identity be completely exposed?!

Ye Wanwan was inwardly muttering “Impossible” but remained calm on the surface. After some careful consideration, she assumed it was probably some fanatical fans who respected Rose of Death and were pretending to be Rose of Death. This was a common occurrence a long time ago.

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