Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1326 - Bro Flattop’s adorable pet?

Chapter 1326: Bro Flattop’s adorable pet?

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Ye Wanwan could understand destroying a branch and fighting mercenaries, but what in the world was up with stealing the Shen family’s money…

However, Bro Flattop’s modus operandi did match the overall style of the Fearless Alliance.

Didn’t the Fearless Alliance want to exterminate the Zhou family and steal their territory?

“Sis Feng, with Lord Asura’s personality, he probably looks down on small fry like us and will probably target you first,” Big Dipper told Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

What kind of sin did she commit? She just wanted to live a stable life and use the Fearless Alliance’s power to look for Si Yehan…

Look at me now. I have Piece of Sh*t on the left, Emperor Ji on the right, and now there’s some nuisance called Lord Asura. Who’ll save me…

“I’m here, don’t panic. You’re also a middle senior manager of the Fearless Alliance; it’s improper for you to panic like this.” Ye Wanwan coldly glanced at Big Dipper. If worse came to worst, she’d flee at that time…

“Sis Feng is right…” Big Dipper nodded vehemently.

Before Ye Wanwan could say anything else, a knock resounded on the office door.

“Enter,” Ye Wanwan called.

“Sis Feng.” Seven Star looked at Ye Wanwan.

“What is it?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“I transported Virus back,” Seven Star said as he watched Ye Wanwan.


Ye Wanwan was startled. What the heck was Virus…

An ominous feeling rose in Ye Wanwan’s heart. This was probably another test from Seven Star.

However, what caused Ye Wanwan’s head to pound harder was that she had no idea what “Virus” was.

“Oh? Virus is back?!” Big Dipper was surprised and turned to Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, Seven Star is too considerate… Virus is the pet you adopted before you left back then. I remember how much Sis Feng loved him!”

Seven Star’s icy gaze landed on Big Dipper.

Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up. “Seven Star, take me to Virus.”


Seven Star turned and left.

Ye Wanwan and Big Dipper followed behind Seven Star.

Unease plagued Ye Wanwan’s mind. What kind of pet did Bro Flattop raise…

If it was a cat or dog, all was well. But if it was…

A moment later, Seven Star brought Ye Wanwan to an empty room. They were some distance away when they heard the terrifying roar of a ferocious beast burst out of that room.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Hahaha… have you ever experienced despair?

I have…

Ye Wanwan felt her legs growing weak upon hearing that sound. Can I not enter?

“He’s an adult indeed. His roar’s turned so frightening.” Big Dipper nodded repeatedly.

Soon, Seven Star opened the door to the room.

Ye Wanwan looked inside and saw a pitch-black beast laying on the room’s sofa.

Noble, pitch-black, devilish—this was Ye Wanwan’s first impression.

Ye Wanwan finally realized “Virus” was a black panther…

The black panther’s icily glinting eyes slowly swept over Big Dipper and Seven Star before finally landing on Ye Wanwan.

“Sis Feng, don’t you miss Virus?” Seven Star asked Ye Wanwan.

“It’s fine…” Ye Wanwan forced a smile on her face. Fine your a**!

Before Seven Star could say anything else, the black panther, Virus, leaped down from the sofa and walked toward them with his long tail swaying.

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