Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1316 - Did I say you could leave?

Chapter 1316: Did I say you could leave?

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Piece of Sh*t—no one knew his origin or his background. All they knew was that his strength allowed him to run wild without any scruples in the Independent State. Some even claimed he was unrivaled.

Very few people knew what Piece of Sh*t looked like, but since Bro Flattop constantly wanted to take revenge against Piece of Sh*t, the Fearless Alliance was no stranger to Piece of Sh*t.

After the elderly man was killed by Piece of Sh*t by a mere finger, the people he brought all kept quiet out of fear, even their breathing slowed down.

Who would’ve expected the president of the Fearless Alliance to be with Piece of Sh*t…?

These two people were at odds…

“Leave… leave quickly…”

One of the men was already drenched in sweat as he looked at Piece of Sh*t standing next to Ye Wanwan. He had to hurry and report back to Elder about the president being with Piece of Sh*t.

“Did I say you could leave?”

The long-haired man’s bone-chilling gaze swept over everyone.

No one dared to move a single centimeter upon hearing that.

“Lord Sh*t… Lord Sh*t… This is all a misunderstanding!” Sweat endlessly flowed down the leading man’s forehead as he looked at Piece of Sh*t.

“What did you call me?” Piece of Sh*t asked dryly.

“N-n-no… L-lord… You’re my lord…” The leading man wanted nothing more than to cry. How would he know Piece of Sh*t’s actual name? Didn’t everyone in the Independent State call him Piece of Sh*t…

“You’re from the Fearless Alliance,” the long-haired man stated.

“Um…” The leading man looked reflexively at Ye Wanwan. They were indeed from the Fearless Alliance, but they came to secretly kill the president today, so their identity absolutely couldn’t be revealed…

However, they didn’t dare to lie to Piece of Sh*t or else they might not be able to leave the casino alive tonight.

“Y-yes…” The man had no choice but to admit the truth between clenched teeth under the towering might of Piece of Sh*t’s aura.

The long-haired man glanced at Ye Wanwan next to him nonchalantly when he heard that.

“Get lost,” the long-haired man said indifferently.

The people from the Fearless Alliance all acted like they were pardoned upon hearing that and rushed out of the casino all at once.

The long-haired man’s gaze landed on Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan’s heart shuddered when she felt Piece of Sh*t’s gaze. Bro Flattop… Were we enemies in our previous lives? What kind of beast did you offend…

“They’re from the Fearless Alliance,” the long-haired man remarked.

“Uh… I think so, yeah…” Ye Wanwan smiled with embarrassment.

“If I recall correctly, they called you president just now.” The long-haired man looked pensive.

“Ah… it’s Door Master 1 ,” Ye Wanwan hastily explained. “You mustn’t misunderstand… I sell doors and have a rather nice business… So I have the nickname ‘Door Master’…”

“You sell doors?” The long-haired man was briefly startled.

“T-th-that’s right! I sell doors! Iron doors, wooden doors… glass doors… I sell all kinds of doors…” Ye Wanwan nodded frantically.

“Lord Sh*t, can I leave…” Ye Wanwan smiled fawningly.

This man in front of her was seriously the most terrifying boss in the Independent State. He sent Bro Flattop, at her peak, sprawling to the ground with one move and nearly eradicated an ancient recluse clan all by himself.

Just how arrogant was Bro Flattop back then that she’d casually provoke such a terrifying boss…

Rumors said Bro Flattop invited Piece of Sh*t to a fair fight back then but secretly ordered a lot of experts from the Fearless Alliance to lie in wait… After being defeated overwhelmingly, she ordered all the experts to appear and attack Piece of Sh*t from all sides…

However, all those experts from the Fearless Alliance were ferociously beaten by Piece of Sh*t in the end. The number of casualties and mortalities was high.

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