Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1308 - It’s better to deal with painful things quickly

Chapter 1308: It’s better to deal with painful things quickly

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As the saying went, it was better to deal with painful things quickly…

Ye Wanwan stared at the plate of fried ants and ate the fastest she’d ever eaten in her whole life to finish the entire plate of Flying Dragon without any hesitation.

As Ye Wanwan repressed her strong desire to throw up, she said with a smile, “Delicious.”

Delicious my a**!

“How about we order another plate? You usually eat two or three plates, Sis Feng,” Big Dipper asked.

“…” Big Dipper, I’m going to punch you and make you a bigger idiot!

Before Ye Wanwan could say anything, a chortle was heard from outside the door.  ( NovelFull )

A second later, the door was opened and a dozen or so men poured inside.

The leader was a middle-aged man who was impeccably dressed in a suit and wore a pair of gold-framed glasses.

“Sir President, you aren’t still dead?” the man in a suit joked as he looked at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan turned to the man in a suit. His speech and attitude were incredibly arrogant, but Ye Wanwan was sincerely grateful toward him. If it weren’t for his sudden appearance, Big Dipper would probably have ordered two more plates of fried ants for her…

When they saw the man in a suit, Seven Star was expressionless but Big Dipper had a light frown. Big Dipper looked at Ye Wanwan and said quietly, “Sis Feng… He’s Li Mochen, the illegitimate son retrieved from the outside five years ago by the Third Elder of the Fearless Alliance, Li Si.”

Ye Wanwan was slightly surprised by Big Dipper’s words. So this man in a suit was also a member of the Fearless Alliance, but he dared to be so arrogant and bossy toward the president of the Fearless Alliance. How come?

“Ah, Sis Feng, the Fearless Alliance is no longer the old Fearless Alliance from before you left. Its internal management is divided into two parties. The elders form one party and a majority of the Fearless Alliance’s power is currently controlled by those old geezers. This Li Mochen is a prodigal son who relies on Third Elder’s power and looks down on everyone, but no one dares to offend him,” Big Dipper quietly explained with a sigh.

If this was before and the president hadn’t gone missing, who in the Fearless Alliance would’ve dared to be disrespectful toward the president?!

Third Elder himself would be respectful and well-behaved toward the president, let alone Li Mochen, Third Elder’s illegitimate son.

Ye Wanwan came to a realization as she listened to Big Dipper’s quiet explanation.  ( NovelFull )

Currently, as the president, she was nearly considered a mere figurehead by the old geezers who were truly in control of the Fearless Alliance. Thus, even an illegitimate son of the Fearless Alliance’s Third Elder dared to provoke her on her doorstep…

“Li Mochen… You’re extremely gutsy! You dare to disrespect the president?” Autumn Water stood up and admonished Li Mochen.

“Huh? President?’ Li Mochen sneered. “The president has been missing for so many years; she probably died on the outside. Now, some random stray casually comes here and claims to be the president, and I have to kneel down and believe her?”

“How impudent!” Autumn Water rebuked.

“Who said you could talk?!” Li Mochen raised the glass of red wine in his hand and splattered the red wine onto Autumn Water’s face in front of everyone.

“You’re dead!”

Big Dipper grew furious and immediately stood up.

“Li Mochen, if I don’t kill you today, I’ll take your surname…” Autumn Water marched toward Li Mochen with a dark expression.

However, several strong men blocked Autumn Water before she could take more than a few steps, preventing her from approaching Li Mochen.

“Hahaha, Autumn Water, you’re nothing but a mere dog of the Fearless Alliance! You dare to touch me?” Li Mochen acted utterly fearless.

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