Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1306 - Dug a hole for her

Chapter 1306: Dug a hole for her

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“Master Li, we merely haven’t seen each other for a few years, but you already can’t recognize my voice?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Haven’t seen each other for a few years… Could it be… You’re … P-president B-bai Feng!” The elderly man was incredulous.

“Heh… It looks like Master Li isn’t muddle-headed… Since you aren’t, why did you do such muddle-headed things?” Ye Wanwan’s voice became more imposing.

“Sir President… when did you return? Didn’t you die… No no no, there’s a misunderstanding about this matter… There must be some misunderstanding.” The elderly man’s voice trembled slightly.

“Master Li, let’s not waste words. You’re a great painter, so you naturally paint on paper and use your hand to paint. Tell me, should I send paper over to you, or should you send your hand over to me?” Ye Wanwan asked with a snort.

Master Li sounded like he was sobbing when he said, “N-n-no… President… You’re a benevolent person, please pardon this little one for his wrongdoings… This little one can’t lose his hand…”

How could a painter lose his hand?

“Then I’ll have someone send paper to you. There shouldn’t be any problem, right?” Ye Wanwan chuckled lightly.

“N-n-no, there’s absolutely no problem! No problem at all! The more paper you send, the better!” Master Li scrambled to say.

“Alright then.” Ye Wanwan hung up.

Confusion flickered through Seven Star’s eyes as he looked at her.

This woman’s style truly bore some similarities to the president.

“D*mn! You’re truly my Sis Feng! You resolved it with a few words… That old geezer relied on the fact that he had some connection with our enemy factions, so he ignored the Fearless Alliance. Now he knows to feel scared!” Big Dipper sneered.

“Enough nonsense. Let’s go eat.” Ye Wanwan casually tossed the phone to Seven Star.

“Sis Feng, let’s go to Heavenly Pavilion! They brought in lots of fresh products,” Big Dipper said.

Seven Star’s eyes glinted.

“Sure.” Although Ye Wanwan didn’t know what Heavenly Pavilion was, she had to act like she knew.

Soon after, Seven Star and Big Dipper left the Fearless Alliance with Ye Wanwan. When Autumn Water discovered they were going to Heavenly Pavilion, she demanded to tag along too, so she went with them.

“Xiao Fengfeng, how about we go to the casino after Heavenly Pavilion… There’s also the beast combat arena and underground boxing… Didn’t you used to love going there?” Autumn Water said with her arm around Ye Wanwan’s shoulders.

Ye Wanwan wore a smile on her face, but she was screaming “FML” in her mind.

She had no idea how to gamble nor did she know anything about the beast combat arena and underground boxing…

Why didn’t Bro Flattop focus on managing the Fearless Alliance? Why in the world did she have to have so many hobbies and interests… She seriously dug a hole for me…

“Sure, let’s bet on a few rounds if we have time. My hands just happen to be itching.” Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched.

It’d be fine if she just had to be some money-dispersing child…

“Hehe, Sis Feng’s hands were kissed by an angel. You win every bet you make and have hardly ever lost. You’re truly talented in gambling,” Big Dipper said with a chuckle.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Does Bro Flattop want me to freaking die? Truly talented in gambling? Is Bro Flattop a skilled cheater or something?!

It looked like it was impossible for her to silently be a well-liked money-dispersing child…

A moment later, Seven Star parked the car near a luxurious estate. The sign “Heavenly Pavilion” was hanging above the main doors.

Thankfully, Heavenly Pavilion wasn’t some strange place and was merely a restaurant.

It appeared to be a rather famous restaurant with extremely unique menu items.

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