Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1299 - The most dangerous man in the Independent State

Chapter 1299: The most dangerous man in the Independent State

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“Sis Feng!”

Ye Wanwan was standing in front of the door, lost in thought, when Big Dipper suddenly ran toward her with a solemn expression.

“The heck are you screaming for?” Ye Wanwan jolted in fright and asked with displeasure.

She could relax slightly in front of Big Dipper. He wasn’t too bright, so he was easier to deceive.

“No… Sis Feng, are you alright?!” Big Dipper had a deep frown as he carefully examined Ye Wanwan.

Then Big Dipper turned to look in the direction the man left in and said heatedly, “Sis Feng, how… how did that man find this place… F*ck, it must’ve been because our Fearless Alliance cleaned out some of the patrician families that belonged to Emperor Ji before… They plan to seek revenge…”

( NovelFull )  Ye Wanwan was surprised. What did Big Dipper say? Who in the world was that man just now…

“I didn’t expect… I really didn’t expect Emperor Ji to personally come here… Sis Feng, did Emperor Ji come to negotiate with you?! That man is one of the most dangerous men in the Independent State. You mustn’t be careless, Sis Feng!” Big Dipper anxiously cautioned her with his fists tightly clenched.

Emperor Ji?!

A storm raged through Ye Wanwan’s mind when she heard that name…

How could Ye Wanwan be ignorant about Emperor Ji after obtaining some knowledge about the Independent State’s situation?

The heir of the Ji family, one of the four great clans… Moreover, Emperor Ji’s own power wasn’t inferior to the Ji family’s in the slightest. He was the emperor of the underground syndicates in all of Europe, and his position was unshakable.

With the exception of Piece of Sh*t, he was the most dangerous man in the Independent State…

That man just now was actually the renowned Emperor Ji…

However, Ye Wanwan was a bit confused. Why did Emperor Ji call her “Xiao Feng” and even personally make a bento for her?

Could it be that Emperor Ji also liked Bro Flattop? Or was it for some other reason?

However, if Emperor Ji was pursuing Bro Flattop, why didn’t Big Dipper know about it and even thought Emperor Ji came to negotiate with her?

Ye Wanwan felt her head swimming. Weren’t the relationships a bit too tangled and complicated?

“I’m fine, don’t make a scene.” Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper.

“Oh… alright then.” Big Dipper shrugged. He wouldn’t say anything else since Ye Wanwan herself said she was fine.

A moment later, Ye Wanwan finished packing up and entered Big Dipper’s car, heading toward the office.

When they arrived at the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters, Ye Wanwan went to her personal office.

There was already a giant pile of documents waiting for her attention early that morning.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but snort at the contents of those documents. If she guessed correctly, either Seven Star or those old geezers were using these documents to test her.

Thankfully, Ye Wanwan helped Si Yehan handle quite a few similar documents while she was in China, so she dealt with it all smoothly.

These documents included detailed information of the branches who betrayed the Fearless Alliance, some information about their relationships with enemy factions, and some difficult collaboration proposals with a few major factions, etc.

“Sis Feng, here’s the information about those old geezers.” Big Dipper entered the office without knocking.

“Remember to knock before entering next time,” Ye Wanwan dryly said as she took the files.

Big Dipper scratched his head. “Okay…”

After Big Dipper left, she detailedly examined the information about the “old geezers.”

Ye Wanwan finally obtained a detailed view of the Fearless Alliance’s situation through Big Dipper’s files.

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