Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1295 - Actually so shameless

Chapter 1295: Actually so shameless

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Ye Wanwan gained a basic understanding of Fearless Alliance and the creature, Bro Flattop.

The president of the Fearless Alliance was named Bro Flattop, so she must be someone extremely arrogant and despotic. If she discovered branches that originally belonged to the Fearless Alliance betrayed them and enemy factions provoked them after she came back, how could she tolerate that? There would definitely be a giant purge and crusade for retribution.

“We’ll talk about everything else tomorrow. Leave.” Ye Wanwan impatiently waved her hand when she saw another person about to speak.

Everyone looked at each other, bewildered, but since Ye Wanwan made the command, it wasn’t appropriate for them to say anything else, so they had to bid farewell and leave.

A moment later, Big Dipper was the only one left in the giant conference room.

( NovelFull )   “Sis Feng, I have a matter to report to you.” Big Dipper sat down easily next to Ye Wanwan.

“What is it?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Sis Feng, before you left Fearless Alliance, didn’t you tell me to help you find Piece of Sh*t…” Big Dipper said with a chuckle.

Ye Wanwan was startled. This name was rather… special…

“Sis Feng, I say that we should forget about this matter… It’s not a big deal for us to take a small loss…” Big Dipper looked at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan was pensive. Could it be that Bro Flattop ate some losses under that Piece of Sh*t’s hand back then?

If that was true, Bro Flattop probably wouldn’t take it lying down with his personality.

“Tell me,” Ye Wanwan said.

“Sis Feng… Piece of Sh*t is an absolute lunatic… You just had to provoke him back then… and were crushed by him in one move… Two years ago, I got news about Piece of Sh*t, so I brought a group of people to seek vengeance… That lunatic nearly massacred the whole group! Thank god I ran fast enough…”

“Sis Feng, you said it yourself, even your master might not beat him… Also, Piece of Sh*t nearly extinguished an ancient recluse clan all by himself some time ago…” Big Dipper’s expression shifted minutely every time he mentioned Piece of Sh*t.

“Sis Feng… Say, you can’t beat Piece of Sh*t, but you won’t accept it… You don’t know his name, so you forcefully call him ‘Piece of Sh*t’… Say, if Piece of Sh*t knew your nickname for him, would he come and extinguish our Fearless Alliance…” Big Dipper added with a nervous look.

Ye Wanwan might look calm on the surface, but a large storm was surging inside her head.

Sent Bro Flattop crashing to the floor in a move and nearly massacred Big Dipper’s group… Plus, he nearly destroyed an ancient clan of the Independent State all by himself…

What the heck was Piece of Sh*t? Was he a BOSS?! The top-tier kind?

“So what?” Ye Wanwan acted stubbornly.

She wasn’t the president of the Fearless Alliance, so Piece of Sh*t wouldn’t look for her when he came to seek trouble later.

“Eh… I reckon no one could beat Piece of Sh*t in the Independent State… Sis Feng, it’s already been so many years, how about we forget it? Otherwise, if you’re pressed to the ground and are beaten by Piece of Sh*t again, the Fearless Alliance would lose face too…” Big Dipper was somewhat exasperated.

“Heh, my business with Piece of Sh*t can’t be forgotten so easily.” Ye Wanwan snorted.

“Oh… That’s good. Coincidentally, we got news a few days ago that Piece of Sh*t is in the Independent State. How about this, I’ll tell someone to invite Piece of Sh*t to come and fight with you one on one, Sis Feng…”

“Sis Feng, we can’t act the same as back then. You didn’t beat him one on one, so you ambushed him with a group of people… It’d be fine if the ambush was successful, but the people you recruited, Sis Feng, were all sent flying to the ground… It was too shameful…” Big Dipper said.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

She didn’t know Bro Flattop was actually so shameless…

She couldn’t win one on one, so she mobilized the Fearless Alliance to gang fight… What was more frightening was that they were all beaten black and blue by Piece of Sh*t…

“Sis Feng, I’ll tell someone to invite Piece of Sh*t over.” Big Dipper prepared to leave.

“Hold on!” Ye Wanwan grasped Big Dipper’s wrist and pulled him back to the sofa.

“I just returned, so I still have a lot of things to take care of in the Fearless Alliance. I don’t have time right now… We’ll discuss it later,” Ye Wanwan said.

Did Big Dipper have a screw loose? He clearly knew Bro Flattop couldn’t defeat Piece of Sh*t, but still wanted to invite him. Why the f*ck?!

Even Bro Flattop didn’t win, let alone her…

If Big Dipper really invited him to fight her…

What would she do?!

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